By Tony Lopez

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Sick or injured dogs and cats in Stockton are wagging their tails a bit faster and purring a little louder these days.

A state-of-the-art radio graph machine is now in place at the city’s animal shelter.

The $75,000 needed to buy the X-ray machine was raised by donors.

Phillip Zimmerman, the animal services manager at the shelter, tells us the staff is more than excited, adding “They’ll be able to do their jobs much easier–faster and not have that frustration of knowing that an animal needs assistance but having to wait.”

Until now, the animals would have to be transported to a local vet clinic and that caused delays in treatment and recovery.

Vet technician Mercedes Moreno tells CBS13 the radiograph will save lives. She adds, “If an animal comes in off of the street injured and in a lot of pain if we need to know right away –we can actually do that now.”

The machine will also save the shelter money. Prior to its arrival, the city spent $23,000 a year to send the animals elsewhere to get x-rayed.


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