SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  A fight on board a light rail train continued when the passengers got off, leading to a stabbing.

Investigators say one person was stabbed during an altercation involving three juveniles. By the time investigators arrived, all three had fled the scene, including the victim.

The altercation started with an argument on the train. All three got off at 65th Street when one of them pulled out a knife.

Investigators don’t have a description of the suspects other than they are in their late teens.

The victim later returned to the 65th Street station to seek medical attention. He was transported to the hospital.

There was no disruption to light rail service, since the altercation occurred off of the train.

  1. Most likely, two guys fighting over a girl.

    The pay/compensation hike for RT’s director, Henry Li, would pay for an additional police officer on RT patrol. His total compensation package, including benefits, will increase in January from its current $285k to $379k, or $94k.

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