SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A Bay Area sheriff’s deputy was fired after a thief stole his gun from his rental car.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department declined to identify the deputy on Tuesday. Sheriff Vicky Hennessy said the deputy violated department policy by failing to properly secure his gun, which was left in the car’s trunk. Deputies are required to store guns in a metal, locked box hidden from plain view if they are left in cars.

The newly hired deputy’s probation was terminated.

Several law enforcement agents in the last two years have had guns stolen from parked cars in San Francisco, three of which have been used in homicides.

There were nearly 18,000 car burglaries reported for the year ended July 31, a 28 percent increase over the previous year.

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  1. Last time I checked a trunk of a car is not in plain view unless you’re Superman. Those locked pistol boxes can be busted open pretty easy if needed. Locks are to stop honest people.

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