Rankings, rankings, rankings.  I love a good list and most everyone has their NFL power rankings so here is mine.  After 2 weeks of the NFL season I will give a way too early top 5 list and way too early bottom 5 list.  This may not reflect where they will end at season’s end but this is where I believe things are right now.


28. New Orleans Saints:  This team was once feared.  You didn’t want to face Drew Brees, Sean Payton and that dynamic offense.  The offense is still solid but the defense is awful.  Remember when nobody want to play them in New Orleans?  That mystique seems to be gone and so to may their playoff chances.

29. New York Jets:  This team’s strength was supposed to be its defense.  They have allowed the most points in the NFL through two weeks.  Their saving grace is that both losses came on the road.  Not sure coming home will help but it might.

30. Indianapolis Colts: An 0-2 start is understandable without Andrew Luck but with no sign of him coming back soon this team is in trouble.  They had a great chance to win in week two but couldn’t hang on.  Without Andrew this team is going to need lots of luck.

31.  San Francisco 49ers:  This defense is pretty good and fast.  I just can’t rate the team higher because they haven’t found the end zone yet this season.  They wasted a 100 yard Carlos Hyde rushing day in Seattle and held them in check but couldn’t get touchdowns instead of field goals.  The team is going through the process the question is for the fans, will they trust it?

32. Cincinnati Bengals:  I would have never thought that the Bengals would rank last on my list but they do.  Unlike the 49ers they have weapons and those weapons are not firing.  They have a top 5 receiver some decent running backs and yet with two home games so far the Bengals have lost both and still not scored a TD.  They may not be here long but for now the Bengals are the worst team in the NFL.



5.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  They haven’t been amazing so far which should be scary for the rest of the NFL.  This offense is special and it is not running to full capacity just yet.  The defense has improved and they have found a way to get through the first two weeks unscathed.

4.  Atlanta Falcons:  I loved the week two win over Green Bay but week 1 they escaped in Chicago.  Bottom line is they are 2-0 and for the moment seem to be the class of the puzzling NFC.

3.  Denver Broncos:  A close call in week 1 and a smashing of the Cowboys in week 2 round out the 2-0 start for the Broncos.  Both games have been at home but the defense looks legit again and Trevor Siemian has been very strong so far.  The AFC West is loaded and the Broncos are a strong reason why.

2.  Oakland Raiders:  We knew the offense would be good and after two weeks they lead the NFL in points. The defense has been a pleasant surprise so far.  This team will likely score over 24 points a week taking a ton of pressure off of the defense.  They are balanced and aggressive on offense and they know they are good.

1. Kansas City ChiefsTwo impressive weeks by the Chiefs.  A great opening win at New England and then backed that up with a quality home win over Philadelphia.  A couple of injuries could slow them down over time but the skill players are fast and Alex Smith is playing at a very high level.  Watch out for KC.




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