By Jennifer McGraw

ANTELOPE (CBS13) – A mother’s worst nightmare—a burglar surprised by her children in a home invasion.

It happened in the middle of the afternoon Thursday on Redwater Drive. The woman’s 14-year-old son fought off the attacker.

“He probably didn’t realize that we were here, seeing that she left in such a hurry, he probably thought the door was unlocked,” her son, who wished not to be identified, said.

But the 14-year-old, his younger sister, and elderly aunt were home when the suspect walked through their front door.

“She ran to her brother and said there’s a man in the house,” said his mother, Cathy Friedman.

It was one of the scariest days of her life.

“I was terrified the whole way home and driving—what am I going to come home to? How bad is it? I didn’t know,” she said.

Friedman later found out the crook was no match for her knife-wielding son.

“If they get away with monetary value, that’s fine, but you can’t just get a new sister,” he said.

The teen chased the burglar as far as he could, and a neighbor caught a photo of the alleged suspect on camera.

Unfortunately, deputies said crime is on the rise in this Antelope neighborhood. A woman was held at gunpoint just the night before.

Residents around here believe thieves are taking every opportunity.

“My neighbor down the way, he had his garage door open, and he was working on his Harley, went in the house for a minute, comes back out and they stole all of his tools,” said Shaundell Stevenson who lives nearby.

But what’s most upsetting in all of this for the 14-year-old hero who saved his family is the cash and personal belongings taken.

“My mom had plans to meet up with her high school friends, and that money was for the trip, but now she can’t meet her high school friends because she doesn’t have that money,” the boy said.

His mother is just proud to have this moment with her brave teen who said the thief won’t get away next time.

If you have any information, contact the sheriff’s department.


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