SAN DIEGO (AP) – Federal environmental officials will keep a close eye on Camp Pendleton after inspectors found rats and frogs in water treatment systems at the sprawling California military base.

Officials tell the San Diego Union-Tribune ( ) that the water consumed by 55,000 Marines and their families is safe – despite a pair of scathing state and federal investigations indicating chronic problems.

The newspaper says federal safety inspectors visiting Pendleton in June uncovered rats rotting on a reservoir gate, a desiccated frog clinging to a reservoir ladder and another rodent carcass floating in treated water.

All systems were cleaned after the discoveries.

The Marines and the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday entered into a consent decree designed to force the base to follow federal clean water regulations.

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press.

  1. Tip of the F ki ing iceberg. There have been numerous violations and problems with ground water and chemicals in the land down there for many years. It’s been in the paper down there in the past. They were given bottled water in the past but still took showers in that filth.
    A fund was put aside and I haven’t heard of anything being done about the problems and clean up except a denial and cover-up. It’s hideous they way our military is treated in this country by our government and we’ve got a 5 time draft dodger making a big deal about kneeling to the flag.

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