We have hit the quarter point of the NFL season already and things are slowly starting to shape up in both the AFC and NFC.  So after four games for most teams I will rank the top 5 and bottom 5 teams in the NFL at this point.


5.  Buffalo Bills:  The Bills are coming off a quality road win in Atlanta and right now they are the toughest defense to score on in the NFL.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  I don’t like their only loss which happened at Chicago but they have gone 2-1 on the road so far and have a lot of home games coming up.  This offense has yet to really reach its peak, but when they do, look out.

3.  Detroit Lions:  The NFC’s best defense belongs to the Lions?  Who knew?  Detroit is always in the game and more times than not finds a way to win.  Their only loss was inches short and they just ran out of time otherwise they would still be perfect.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles:  I am buying into the Eagles in 2017.  They have a balanced attack and their only blemish came to the NFL’s best team.  They hung with the Chiefs and have been good most every week.  Watch out for the Eagles.

1. Kansas City Chiefs:  Each week they continue to get the job done.  They have done it many different ways.  As of now they look like the team with the least flaws.  Their balance will take them a long way.  Plus Alex Smith is playing his best football to date.



28.  Los Angeles Chargers:  It is hard to overlook their winless record.  I do think this team competes and will break through with some wins but they just haven’t yet.  You also have to wonder why do they keep losing in heart breaking fashion.  I will try and figure that one out even if Los Angeles isn’t interested in that answer or anything at all about the Chargers.

29.  Miami Dolphins:  This team has a win over the Chargers but they have been awful the last two weeks.  The offense has 1 score in the last 8 quarters and that was in the closing seconds two weeks ago.  Cutler and Case need to find their groove fast or it will get ugly fast for the fins.

30.  New York Giants:  This team won 11 games last year.  How?  Good defense and just enough offense.  They aren’t playing as good of defense this year and their offense has been brutal.  No run game and not enough OBJ each week.   The Giants slow start won’t shift the attention of New Yorkers to the Jets or Knicks but they may be all in on the Yankees.

31.  San Francisco 49ers:  Last week they gave one away.  They won’t win many games this year but when you are the better team on Sunday you hope you get the reward.  San Francisco had so many chances to beat the Cardinals but at this point this team is still figuring out how to win.

32.  Cleveland Browns:  Some team has to take this spot and Cleveland is the one.  No wins, no signs of improvement the last two weeks.  We are all waiting on Hugh Jackson to have an impact on this team.  That hasn’t happened and the dog pound is beyond restless.  Good luck Browns, you need it.



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