We have wrapped up another week in the NFL so it is time for our weekly look at the best of the best and the worst of the worst.  Here is our top 5 and bottom 5 teams in the NFL right now.


5.  DENVER BRONCOS:  Denver didn’t play this last week but they still jumped into the top 5.  They have just 1 loss and it was on the road in Buffalo.  This team has had the benefit of playing at home in all their other games and will be at home this week too against the winless Giants.

4.  CAROLINA PANTHERS:  The Panthers have done some nice things this season and have had two impressive wins in a row both on the road.  To win in New England and Detroit is impressive and that is why Carolina is in this weeks top 5.

3.  GREEN BAY PACKERS:  Aaron Rodgers is cold blooded.  He led yet another clutch fourth quarter drive and ripped out the hearts of every Cowboy fan again.  He is playing well and the team always has a chance with him under center.

2.  PHILADELPHIA EAGLES:  They stay here after another dominant performance.  They are balanced and the passing game is clicking right now.  Philadelphia should be taken seriously and they have another measurment game this Thursday against Carolina.

1. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS:  The Chiefs toyed with the Texans this past Sunday night.  All things are rolling right now.  The offense is sharp, the defense is solid and they got a special teams touchdown to boot last week too.  The Chiefs stay in the top spot.



28.  LOS ANGELES CHARGERS:  The Chargers finally got a win but with just one they stay in the bottom 5.  They compete each week but never seem to get the ultimate validation.  They take on a struggling Raiders team this week and could keep them down or might be getting them at the wrong time.

29.  CHICAGO BEARS:  There is some excitement in the windy city around Mitchell Trubisky.  He played ok in his NFL debut on Monday night.  It seems like the team is going to go with him and they will have to take some lumps.  With that said the rebuild is under way and it is time for the rookie to get some valuable reps.

30.  SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS:  This team also competes every week but can’t find a “W”.  They have a tough matchup this week against Washington but at this point they will be underdogs just about every week.  I believe they will get a couple of wins but it is hard to predict when that will happen.

31.  NEW YORK GIANTS:  Winless and now very injured.  The top receivers are out for the season, the run game isn’t working and the ship is sinking.  This team won 11 games last year, they would have to win out from now to match that mark.  Good luck.

32.  CLEVELAND BROWNS:  What a mess!  This team can’t find a quarterback and they can’t find any momentum.  The Browns are winless and appear to be far from being consistently competitive.  This team has a long way to go.




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