ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Nearly two dozen homeless camps were cleaned up in Placer County on Monday.

A group of local agencies teamed up for the clean-up effort.

roseville homeless clean up 1 Police: 15 Tons Of Trash Removed In Cleanup Of Roseville Homeless Camps

Tons of trash was cleaned up. (Credit: Roseville Police)

Authorities focused their efforts on the Secret Ravine Preserve, which runs along eastbound Interstate 80 in the Roseville area. According to the Placer County Probation Department, there were so many homeless camps that it took an all-day effort to clean the area up.

Roseville police say about 15 tons of trash was rounded up.

An inmate work crew helped with the clean-up. (Credit: Roseville Police)

An inmate work crew helped with the clean-up. (Credit: Roseville Police)

The homeless people who had been camping out were given notices to leave last week, police say.

Police credit a crew of minimum-security jail inmates from Placer County with helping make the clean-up work go much faster.

Comments (2)
  1. eva.g says:

    There is no excuse for the homeless leaving garbage at camps! They obviously have access to garbage bags, they carry them on the bicycles with baskets and other attachments, and can use dumpsters since I see them often near dumpsters where they panhandle and do who knows what else.

  2. Dianne Lowe says:

    When it comes to making garbage, they are no different than any other human. We leave out trash everywhere, why would they be any different? I would shorten your first sentence. “There is no excuse for the homeless.”

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