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Have you read all about the Affordable Care Act, but still have questions? Post your question in the comment area below and we’ll do our best to have it answered by a subject expert in a timely manner.

  1. Betty Roger says:

    My Question:
    At the direction of Cameron Glenn I am submitting my question to you in hopes that you will be able to provide an answer that thoroughly addresses all aspects of the query.

    Please forgive me if my opening line appears impertinent, but I have tried for a number of weeks to find someone that can and will provide the information. I have tried four different resources and so far have not received an acceptable answer. The first place I posed the question was, in fact, KOVR 13. The answer I received was to contact my congressional representative. While it wasn’t actually an answer, I did at least get a reply. I did reach out to my congressional representative and didn’t get a reply. I also tried reaching out to CBS national and didn’t get a reply. I also reached out to a so called “investigative” reporter from a local news organization that’s a competitor of yours, but once again, no reply. Possibly the question is too difficult or above everyone’s pay grade, but I’m pretty sure the answer could be found if someone would seriously apply the resources that I’m sure you all must have at your disposal.

    Here is my question. Over the years I have read and heard news stories (most on KOVR 13) about companies, individuals, banks, etc. getting sued and/or fined by the US government or the state attorneys general for various states. Many, even most, have resulted in a win for the government and/or states. The fines and awards have ranged from tens of thousands of dollars to over a billion dollars. Where does all that money go? The partial and weak answer I received from KOVR said the monies won or awarded goes to the department most closely associated with the suit or fine. I presume that might mean that a win against a bank for a few million or billion would maybe go to the federal reserve? But if it goes to a federal or state department, how does that affect that department’s budget? Do they get to just spend millions/billions more that year? Do they return it to the general fund? Does it pay down federal or state debt? That’s the part I was suppose to get answered by my congressional representative. But no one seems to know the answer.

    I just read a story about Deutsche Bank that has been fined $14.7 billion since 2008. That’s just one bank. There are many others plus suits and fines for air bag manufacturers, auto manufacturers like Volkswagen, and on and on. We always hear about the fines and/or the winnings of a law suit but nobody seems to know where or how that money gets used or applied. I’d like to know.

    I hope you can look into this issue and provide some clarity or, at least, point me toward someone that might have the knowledge or ability to get the answer. Hopefully someone that will actually respond.

  2. Betty Roger says:

    As of this date, Oct 24, 2017, there hasn’t been an acknowledgement that anyone has even read my question. Every night I’m bombarded with news people on KOVR saying “Getting answers for you!” but evidently I’m not included in that “you”. I guess KOVR has decided to treat me differently than everyone else.

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