4-Year-Old Sacramento Child Hit By Car Expected To SurviveA 4-year-old boy is in the hospital after being hit by a car on Sunday.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lawrie At Folsom Powerhouse“In one of these, at 60 mpg you’re working. You’ve got to concentrate.” - Lawrie and his MG TC
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sam At Tognotti's"I love to eat food. I'll go far out of my way for something that I think might be pretty good." - Sam and his Honda Civic
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Irv Gordon & His (Nearly) Three-Million-Mile Volvo“My first love is Volvo.” - Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo 1800S
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Barbara At The Drive-In Theatre"I think it's just a good run-around car for short trips." - Barbara and her Volkswagen Beetle
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ravin At Raley Field"I love baseball! I'm a big Giants fan." - Ravin and her Toyota Corolla
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Eric At The California State Fair“I take it off road. I drive in the snow. I drive in the desert.” - Eric and his Toyota Tundra
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Pyramid Building"This car is one of only 5,000 in the western hemisphere." - Chris and his Volkswagon Golf R32.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michelle At Old Town Folsom"We get to trash it on a pure kid level." - Michelle and her Kia Sorento
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Christine At The American River"I'm not ready to succumb to the minivan dream." - Christine and her Honda Element
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kristen At Lucky Cafe"I'm the mom without a van." - Kristen Kinter and her Mini Countryman
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ginger At Coloma Community Center“It's reasonable. It's economical. We save a ton of money on gas.” - Ginger Hilton and her Hyundai Elantra