"I listen to the '80s station!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kristen At The Yolo Fruit Stand

“I’m a loyal Honda driver.” – Kristen and her Honda Pilot


"The kind of work I do varies."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rene At The Old Army Depot

“I don’t let people bother me on the roads, so I enjoy driving.” – Rene and his Toyota Tacoma


"It has great towing capacity."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Scott And Jaime At Lake Natoma

“I looked at this thinking, oh my gosh it’s the ugliest car ever!” – Scott and Jaime and their Ford Flex SEL


“The leather is an extra set of skin if you hit the road.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Greg At The Nimbus Fish Hatchery

“We’re out for the ride and not for the destination!” – Greg and his Harley Davidson Trike Glide


“My little car is happy.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat At Auburn Old Town

“You gotta sing along. I sing along to Charlie Daniels.” – Pat and his Kia Rio LX


“I listen to everything and flip channels.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Joyce At Chevys Fresh Mex

“If you’re looking to buy that Lexus for economical reasons, it’s not. It’s a fun sports car.” – Joyce and her Lexus LS 250


“We live and breathe Toyota.”


“We love Toyota, Honey.” – Diana and her Toyota Camry


“I love having a stick shift again.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Linda At The Arcade Library

“It’s a five-speed on the floor, and I feel like I’m driving a little race car.” – Linda and her Honda Fit Sport


“I listen to old school while driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At California Family Fitness

“Once you see the newer ones, you’ll want the newer ones.” – Dennis and Toyota Prius


"I’d much rather be driving."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Judy At The Old City Cemetery

“I’m not a very good passenger. I’d much rather be driving.” – Arlene and her Ford Escape XLT


"Let's get in the truck. Let's go!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jack At The Thunder Valley Casino

“It may not be pretty, but it will haul all you want.” – Jack and his Ford F-250


“I slid down that icy hill three times in it.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pam At Placer County Museum

“I get lost a lot, so I have little adventures sometimes.” – Pam and her Toyota RAV4