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Call Kurtis Investigates: Metro Fire Won’t Refund $1.3M In Taxes It Shouldn’t Have Collected

A Sacramento fire district that wrongly taxed homeowners more than $3 million due to a clerical error will not be issuing a full refund of that money, a Call Kurtis investigation has learned.


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Call Kurtis: Where’s My Lifetime of United Airlines Discounts I Paid For in 1996?

CBS13 has learned United stopped taking on new life members in 2005. Now, Suzanne says she can’t find any Silver Wings discounts on the United website, no matter which flights she plugs in.



Call Kurtis: How To Make Sure You’re Covered When Remodeling

Mike and Shannon Harrington bought the tiles on their own for a contractor to put in — all to save money. But they said that decision is delaying their entire home improvement project.



Call Kurtis: Can GPS Phone-Tracker Apps Help Find A Stolen Phone?

Using Apple’s Find My Phone App, she said she was able to see where her phone was — the map showing it was at a Best Buy location in Stockton.



Call Kurtis: Why You Should Keep Your Monster HDTV Box

But Westinghouse wouldn’t come to the Johnsons’ apartment — instead sending a prepaid shipping label to return the TV for replacement.



Call Kurtis Investigates: City Writes Tickets For Street Cleaning It Isn’t Doing

A Call Kurtis investigation found that Sacramento is continuing to write thousands of dollars in street cleaning tickets on days the streets are never swept.



Call Kurtis: FasTrak Admits Up to 1,000 Ticketing Errors Per Day

FasTrak’s error rate is less than 1 percent, according to Goodwin, but he admits that ends up being about 1,000 errors a day.


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Call Kurtis Investigates: Homewrecker Website Lets Victims of Affairs Shame The Mistress

Call Kurtis investigated a controversial website allowing scorned women to get back at the other woman.



Call Kurtis: Free Rental Car Insurance — Only If You Have the Right Credit Card

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Many of us turn down car insurance when we rent a car, thinking our credit cards have us covered, but Call Kurtis has learned consumers may not be covered after all. All […]



Call Kurtis: My Direct Buy Showroom Closed. Should I Get a Refund?

Tim and Bela Kriner spent more than $5,000 for their membership to DirectBuy, but the company closed its showroom before they bought anything.


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Call Kurtis: Warranty Says I’m Covered, But Also Says I’m Not

FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — Sean Larsson spent a lot of money on the warranty for his couch — $200 for five years coverage. But when he said the company refused to honor it, he called […]