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Morning commuters travel the 210 freeway between Los Angeles and cities to the east on December 1, 2009 near Pasadena, California. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Call Kurtis: Controversial State Program Gives Away Money for Smog Repairs

If you meet income requirements, the state will pay up to $500 in repairs, or up to $1,500 if you retire your old vehicle.



Call Kurtis: What Happens If Your Donated Car Is Stolen Before It’s Sold?

Unlike many donations, cars can only be written off for the value fetched at auction — usually far less than the Kelley Blue Book value.



Call Kurtis: How Long Do Manufacturers Make Spare Parts?

Kelly Souza spent about $3,000 on her GE refrigerator seven years ago, but she said now it won’t stay cold.



Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon Surrenders License After Call Kurtis Expose

After our story about cosmetic surgeon Dr. Efrain Gonzalez, we heard from quite a few patients who said they were injured as well.



Call Kurtis: Producer Matt’s Favorite Stories of 2013

This year was a busy one for Call Kurtis, and this week CBS13 is revisiting some of the most popular stories of the year.


Hospital Sign

Call Kurtis: What Hospitals Don’t Have To Tell You About Your Bill

Patients need to realize they’re also paying to cover hospital equipment, salaries and even other patients who don’t pay their bills, according to Jan Emerson-Shea of the California Hospital Association.



Call Kurtis: The Car Wash Damaged My Car And Refuses To Show Me Surveillance Video

He drove the restored vehicle through the Quick Quack Car Wash to find 38 marks on the bumper which he says look like they were caused by the brushes.


Photo Credit: Thinkstock.com

Call Kurtis: When Do Companies Have to Honor Big Sale Prices?

When Mayer brought it to Sears’ attention, he said the company told him he’d have to pay the current price if he wanted to switch his order.



Call Kurtis: How Long Can Companies Backbill You?

Bill Jones says he was billed for almost nine years of alarm monitoring service — a sum of more than $2,300.


cell phone

Call Kurtis: What Can You Do About Early Termination Fees?

Verizon had a limited-time deal, offering savings of $140 for her family, she said. She made the switch nine days before her contract ended, planning to just pay off the pro-rated remaining nine days of her AT&T contract.



Call Kurtis: How Many Service Repair Attempts Does It Take To Fix A Stove?

But she said it stopped heating properly. If it can’t be fixed, she thought she’d get $500 credit toward a new model. How many tries should Sears get to fix it?