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California Water Use Fell 13.5 Percent In April Amid Drought

Californians responded to the worst snowpack measurement on record and unprecedented drought restrictions by decreasing their water use 13.5 percent in April, regulators said Tuesday.


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Families Claim Children Were Abused By Rocklin Special Education Teacher

Two families have filed a lawsuit claiming their autistic children were repeatedly abused by a Rocklin special education teacher.



First Kashkari Ad Features Candidate Rescuing Child ‘Drowning’ In Brown Education Plan

In his first TV ad of the general election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari accuses Gov. Jerry Brown of abandoning needy students in failing California schools and uses imagery that depicts a child nearly drowning before he is rescued by Kashkari.


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UC Davis Opening Center To Help Undocumented Students Navigate Education Laws

UC Davis Junior Ana Maciel is open about her undocumented immigration status, but knows that isn’t the case with many of the 200 other undocumented UC Davis students.


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District Shelves Controversial Sex Education Book

A Northern California school district is shelving a controversial sex education textbook that some parents say is extremely inappropriate for students.