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Viral Video: Woman Drinks Dogs Urine, Claims It Helps Her AcneA woman claims that drinking dog urine cleared her skin of acne and helped her overcome depression in new viral video.
False Alarm: Polio Has Not Returned To Venezuela, WHO ReportsA child in Venezuela who was reported to have a common symptom of polio does not have the viral disease, World Health Organization said.
FDA Warns Consumers In California And 10 Other States Of Salmonella Contamination In Pre-Cut MelonAlabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee have been added to the list of states where cut melon may be contaminated with salmonella, the US Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. This brings the total number of states to 23.
Over 200 Common Drugs May Cause Depression, Report WarnsHealth professionals are issuing a disturbing warning about common medications after finding that hundreds of drugs are putting people at risk of developing depression.
Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Water SystemA potentially deadly brain-eating amoeba has been found again in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.
Idaho Child Diagnosed With Plague; Only 5th Case In State HistoryA child in Elmore County, Idaho is recovering from plague in the first human case of the bacterial disease in Idaho since 1992.
How Did A Tick Bite Temporarily Paralyze A 5-year-old Girl?A five-year-old girl in Mississippi temporarily lost the ability to walk after she developed "tick paralysis," a rare condition caused by tick bites.
Is Your Workplace Making You Fat?A new federal government survey found that about one-quarter of Americans "acquire" nearly 1,300 calories at work every week.
Study: Suicide Rates On The Rise Across The USIn the wake of Kate Spade's and Anthony Bourdain's suicide, a newly released study says suicide rates have increased nearly 30 percent in the U.S. in the last 20 years.
Girl Battling Cancer Wants Cards For Her 4th BirthdayGrace Lynn Whited was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma just one month before turning 4. At the end of May, her family noticed something was wrong.
197 Illnesses, 5 Deaths In E. Coli Outbreak Tied To Romaine LettuceAn additional 25 people have become ill from eating lettuce contaminated with E. coli, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.
American Cancer Society: Start Colon Cancer Screening At 45, Not 50Colonoscopies need to start earlier, according to the American Cancer Society.