Border Officer Arrested After Allegedly Lying About Being A US CitizenA U.S. border officer who is a Mexican native claimed he was born in Texas and illegally obtained a job with the law enforcement agency charged with protecting America's borders, authorities said.
Police: Man Drove Stolen Car To Court For Stolen Car ChargePolice said a man answering to a stolen car charge drove a stolen car to court in Hartford.
Deputy Has Ex-Wife Arrested Because He Didn't Like What She Wrote About Him On FacebookPetty Facebook drama can be uncomfortable and a little tacky but generally speaking, no one's really worried about going to jail over it.
College Sues Former Student For Refusing To Leave Dorm RoomHunter College has filed a lawsuit against 32-year-old Lisa Palmer, saying the woman owes more than $94,000 in unpaid residence hall fees since she dropped out in 2016.
Judge Sends Deputies To Mall After Nobody Shows Up For Jury DutyNorth Carolina's fourth-largest county failed to mail notices to the 1,700 or so prospective jurors needed to hear cases this week.
Woman Chases Down Wallet Thief Then Buys Him CoffeeWhen a man snatched a wallet from a passerby's hand, Tess Aboughoushe ran after him. When she caught him, she invited him for coffee. Why? Because the Canadian woman felt it was the right thing to do.
Bride Gets Stuck In Elevator, Nearly Misses ReceptionOne bride says she almost missed her wedding reception after getting stuck in an elevator in Rhode Island.
Leaping Elk Brings Down Low-Flying HelicopterThe crew was trying to capture and sedate the elk and give it a tracking collar to research its movements.
Police Say Serial Killer May Have Put Victims Remains In Potted PlantsBruce McArthur, a 66-year-old landscaper, has been charged with five counts of murder and accused of hiding his victims' remains in potted plants.
Sheriff's Deputies Pull Over Low-Flying BalloonsSheriff's deputies have pulled over two hot-air balloons for skimming rooftops in San Bernardino County.
Driver Arrested For Possession Of More Than 25 Pounds Of Meth BurritosThe officers thought the driver appeared nervous. They searched the vehicle and found a trash bag and the foil-wrapped packages inside.
Hostess To Pay Bonuses In Twinkies As Well As CashHostess Brands is the latest company to offer bonuses thanks to the new tax plan. But it's the first to throw in Twinkies and Ding Dongs on top of the cash.