Carolina Hurricanes v Edmonton Oilers - Game 3

Right On Blog: Game On!

Senator Rick Santorum’s announcement today that he is exiting the Presidential race marks the end of the primary season and the beginning of the GOP’s full focus on President Barack Obama.


Jerry Brown Addresses Conference In San Francisco

Right On Blog: Brown Gets Rolled by Second-Rate Union

Compromise is a rare and often courageous thing in politics, but this week’s agreement between Governor Jerry Brown and a mid-level special interest was neither rare nor courageous.



Rite of Spring: Capitol Protests

You know how to tell when it’s Spring in Sacramento? Protests at the Capitol. Strangely enough, people seem to be much more outraged when the weather is more agreeable.



‘Right On’ Blog: O-H! (Uh-Oh)!

As the Presidential race heads into THE Swing State of Ohio Tuesday, Republicans are facing the possibility of a Rick Santorum victory. Just this week the most respected poll in the state, the University of Cincinnati’s showed Santorum up eleven points over Governor Romney.


Smart Move by Legislative Republicans (NOT a Typo)

When California Republicans meet in an airport hotel in Burlingame for their Spring Convention this weekend there will be (presumably, hopefully) a lot of discussion on how to reverse the fortunes of the past several […]


Right On: What’s Next For Pension Reform?

The suspension of California Pension Reform’s initiative effort marks a major setback in the reform movement (full disclosure: I worked on that effort). With that campaign on ice until 2014 the question is what happens […]


Obama Releases Birth Certificate

Right On: Obama’s Hypocritical and Totally Right Move

Late last night (actually, literally in the dead of the night) President Obama’s campaign team held a call with the President’s National Finance Committee to let them know the President was reversing his  position on […]


The California Capitol in Sacramento

Right On: Not a Great Way to Ask for More Money

Tax hikes are at the root of the 2012 political landscape in California. Governor Brown has his plan and at least three other tax proposals are hoping to join him on the November ballot. Whether […]