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davis fire

Davis Family Of 4 Safe After Early Morning House Fire

Crews are investigating what caused a Davis house to catch fire early Friday morning.


heroin busy

26 Pounds Of Heroin In A Diaper Box Is Largest Bust In History Of Modesto Police Department

Israel Alcazar and Isabel Soto-Mandrong were stopped along Highway 99 near Keyes with their 10-month-old in the car. Hidden in a metal cylinder at the bottom of a box of diapers, cops say, was a stunning 26 pounds of uncut pure heroin so potent, it would probably kill you.



Baby Justice’s Grandmother Relieved Autopsy Didn’t Reveal Signs Of Trauma

“I’m not surprised that they don’t have an answer yet,” said Justice’s grandmother Patty Rees. “I was glad to hear that pathologist found he had no marks on him. He had no bruises. That he just looked like a really healthy baby boy. And he was.”


pay it forward program

City Tells Group Trying To Pay It Forward That Front Yard Giveaway Falls Under Garage Sale Ordinance

According to the city code, it’s possible to have too many garage sales. It comes with a warning first, then a fine of up to $1,000. But some roommates say they got in trouble for having what they call a giveaway.


sacramento artist

Sacramento Artist Furious Millions Of Dollars For Arena Art Going To New York City Artist

Terrence Martin is a Sacramento artist with big ideas and a fiery passion for sculpture. He’s recently been commissioned to build a giant molecule as a piece of public art that will stand at the center of Silicon Valley. He has lots of clients, including the Kings.


summer night

Sacramento Youth Outreach Program Slashes Crime In Tough Neighborhood

Organizers say Summer Night Lights keeps kids busy with positive activities like basketball during the summer, so they’re not out committing crimes instead.


Justice Rees (Credit: Facebook)

Coroner: Baby Justice May Have Died Of Hypothermia, Drowning; No Obvious Injuries Found

No obvious physical injuries or signs of abuse were found on 20-day-old Justice Rees, and the baby appeared to be in good health. The date and time of Rees’ death aren’t known, but it’s likely he died before the search was started on Tuesday night.



West Sacramento Tortoise Models Hats For Owner’s Business

Neil was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal because of his owner’s business. She knits hats for tortoises and sells them on Etsy.


firefighters helping victims

Firefighters Help Victims Get Back On Their Feet With Gift Cards

The nonprofit California Fire Foundation is rolling out a new program to help. It’s called Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency, or SAVE. Incident commanders at the scene of a residential fire can make one phone call, activate a $100 gift card and give it to a family.



Maintenance Error Sends Empty Light-Rail Train Rolling Through Sacramento

The unmanned train came through a station at Del Paso Boulevard and Arden Way, eventually losing power and coasting to a stop after traveling more than a mile.


protesting hate symbols

California Lawmakers Demanding Swastikas Come Down From Sacramento Home

They’re united against an Israeli flag on Moddison Avenue with the star of Davis replaced with a blue swastika, along with other symbols. There is also a Palestinian flag, Christmas lights and a row of religious candles in the window.