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pilot penalized

Yuba City Crop Duster Suspended After Multiple Pesticide Law Violations

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation says there were so many violations against Mark Minkema that it suspended the pest control pilot’s license.



California Could Ban Over-The-Counter Antibiotics For Livestock

While the move could mean smaller farmers in rural areas will need to spend more time and money getting access to vets who can write prescriptions, big producers like Foster Farms have already embraced antibiotic-free farms as part of their marketing material.


Kevin Johnson

Sacramento Kings Owner, Mayor Take Stand In Trial Over Arena Deal Legality

The lawsuit filed by three Sacramento taxpayers alleges that the city gave up more than the quarter of a billion dollars in land and cash disclosed publicly. They believe Mayor Kevin Johnson also illegally sweetened the deal for Ranadive by offering electronic billboard and city parking revenue.



Sacramento Broadband Outage Could Leave Customers With Slow Speeds For Days

The FBI says someone intentionally cut a cluster of fiber optic cables in the Livermore area on Tuesday morning, leading to widespread outages. They say someone went to a lot of trouble to get into an underground vault to cut the line that’s as thick as a paint can.



Dangerous Sacramento Heat Forces Many To Seek Cooling Any Way They Can

It wasn’t easy for people in a fireworks booth to psych themselves up to be in a non-air conditioned fireworks booth for 13 hours on a triple-digit day.


street sweeper

Why Are Street Sweepers Still Using Water In California Drought?

It’s the same reason you see crews spraying down construction sites—they have to keep the air as clean as possible.


levee deadline

Construction Could Stop In Central Valley Cities Without State Funds For Levees

Houses and businesses are popping up in Lathrop and Manteca, but even in a drought, city officials worry a levee holding back the San Joaquin River can put them at risk of losing it all.



Broadband Outage Leaves Sacramento, Rocklin Customers With No Or Slow Internet

Phone and Internet service was disrupted across the region. Wave initially described the outage as a coordinated attack, but the FBI refuted that in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.



Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Vaccination Bill Removing Personal Belief Exemption

The debate over the bill has been heated from the beginning, with concerns fueled by a debunked study linking vaccinations to autism and parents who say the government shouldn’t tell them how to raise their children.


excessive heat

Scorching Heat Expected In The Valley Tuesday And Wednesday

A good chunk of Northern California will be in triple-digit territory today and Thursday, and unfortunately we won’t have the wind to cool us off.



Modesto Vigilantes Attack Homeless Man After False Facebook Warning Goes Viral

The post was all over Facebook on Friday, complete with a description of the man, and where to find him. It didn’t take long before police say a group of guys took the law into their own hands.