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baseball bat beating

Stockton Mom Defends Daughter With Baseball Bat From Robbers

When the robbers had a gun in her face, Amanda Merlos thought she might as well go down fighting. The brave mom gave the suspects a baseball bat beating while her brother-in-law did some fighting back of his own.


fire risk falling

Fewer Homes At Risk Of California Wildfires, But Cost To Rebuild Is On The Rise

A new report shows the potential economic loss from wildfires in California is on the rise, but at the same time, the number of high risk homes is down.


smartphone security risk

Experts Warn New iPhone Threat Means Users Should Be More Careful With Wi-Fi

Experts say the hackers are getting in through a malicious Wi-Fi connection by creating a fake network that Apple devices connect to by default.


sign controversy

Grass Valley Market Sign Covering Mural Creates Controversy

It’s hard to miss the vibrant blues, yellows and reds in a mural painted on the side of the Golden Empire Market in Grass Valley. But now, part of it is covered by a large white plastic sign.


drought busting

UC Davis Arboretum Selling Drought-Resistant Plants On Saturday

At the UC Davis Arboretum Teaching Nursery, CBS13’s tour guide Ellen Zagory, the director of public horticulture, guides us through the world of drought-tolerant plants.


free starbucks

Starbucks Glitch Meant Free Coffee, Some Stores Shut Down

Starbucks’ point-of-sale system went down for five hours starting around 4 p.m on Friday, impacting stores across the United States and Canada.


ring reunion

Call Kurtis: Decade-Long Quest to Return Ring     

Kelly Marlow has spent 14 years trying to return a class ring that belongs to someone else. She was given the ring years ago. Kelly said a man handed her the 10k gold women’s band when she worked as a bartender. After hitting roadblocks, she asked Call Kurtis for help finding the ring’s rightful owner.


postential water merger

Proposed Sacramento Water District Merger Would Serve More Than 300,000 Customers

The merger between the Sacramento Suburban Water District and the San Juan Water District would create a district that serves more than 300,000 customers.


tower records documentary

Tower Records Documentary ‘All Things Must Pass’ Generating Sacramento Film Festival Buzz

A documentary about the rise and fall of Sacramento-based Tower Records is getting a lot of buzz at the 20th annual Sacramento Film Festival. CBS13’s Ron Jones sat down with the director of “All Things Must Pass,” Colin Hanks.


road congestion

Placer County Transportation Officials Want To Fix Interstate 80, Highway 65 Congestion

The Placer County Transportation Planning Agency wants to change some of the congestion issues in the area by widening the highway and adding carpool lanes in a three-phase plan.


broadway corridor

Sacramento Eyeing Improvements To Breathe Life Into Broadway

The city is looking at a range of possibilities, including removing a lane of traffic and possibly adding medians, street parking or bike lanes. That would make Broadway more cozy than highway.