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San Joaquin County Considers Banning Outdoor Watering In Wealthy Enclave

Jim Stone with San Joaquin County Public Works says it comes down to the fact the cost to provide the water far exceeds how much residents are paying in. North Morada’s small water district is underwater.


junk food

Sacramento Considers Breaking Healthy Snack Pledge Over Profits

Four years ago, the city required at least half of all food and drinks to be healthy in vending machines at city buildings, parks and community centers.



Cordova Parks Employee Files Lawsuit After She Says She Was Fired For Doing Her Job

Spindola reported a series of what she calls racially, sexually and religiously offensive remarks by her boss, Superintendent Gerry Dobbs, after other employees came to her with similar complaints.



Don’t Worry, Those Aren’t Dead Horses Hanging In An Antelope Yard

What appeared to be dead horses hung up from their hind legs in the backyard of a home was actually something much less cruel.



California Marijuana Industry Hopes To Make Inroads With Banking Industry

Many banks are unwilling to do business with marijuana dispensaries, saying they aren’t worth the risk. But for the first time, the state tax authorities are stepping in to help dispensaries do business.


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Victim’s Family Rips Former Cal Fire Chief During Murder Sentencing

The family of Sarah Douglas finally got its chance to address Orville Fleming, a former first responder turned murderer.



Sacramento SPCA Partnership Helps Seniors Pay Vet Bills For Pets

Overwhelming vet bills are a big reason seniors are forced to give up their loved ones, according to the SPCA.



Fast-Moving Delta Fire Leaves Devastation For Brannan Island Residents

Homeowners are picking up the pieces, but they’re still rattled by how the flames spread quickly across the island.



Stockton Bank Robbery Hostage: Leap From Car Caused Brain Injury

Stephanie Koussaya jumped out of the speeding car during the police chase and shootout that followed last July’s bank robbery that claimed the life of fellow hostage Misty Holt-Singh.



Orville Fleming Sentenced To 16 Years To Life For Slaying Of Girlfriend

A former California fire battalion chief faces sentencing in the slaying of his girlfriend.


Balser (left) and Robinson's (right) booking photos. (Credit: Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department)

Manteca Couple On The Run For 17 Years Arrested In Salt Lake City

A Manteca couple facing child molestation charges has been arrested in Salt Lake City after being on the run for 17 years.