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cesar chavez

Supervisor Fights To Get Sacramento County To Recognized Cesar Chavez Day

For more than a decade, Sacramento city and California state employees have commemorated the late farm labor leader Cesar Chavez with a recognized day off, but Sacramento County employees still have to go to work.

4 hours ago


Cameron Park Man, 95, Aims To Set World Record As Oldest Pilot Still Flying

With his 70-year-old son behind the camera, 95-year-old Pete Weber got behind the controls of a plane to pilot himself into the record books.

4 hours ago

more for power

Higher Electric Bills Coming As California Drought Slashes Hydroelectric Power Output

With little to no snow in the Sierra, there’s less water to push the turbines to create energy. SMUD and other power companies now have to rely on more pricey alternatives such as natural gas for power.

9 hours ago

dixon train depot

Dixon Train Depot Funding Called Into Question After $1 Chamber Of Commerce Lease

The city received $875,000 in federal transportation grants to build the depot 10 years ago in hopes of luring the Capitol Corridor to town. That never happened.

9 hours ago

missing child investigation

Yuba County CPS Under Fire After Mom With Drug History Runs Off With Newborn

The incident comes nearly two years after Yuba County Child Protective Services came under heavy scrutiny when a baby was born with drugs in its system and wound up dead.

9 hours ago