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Small Quake Shakes Near Rio Linda

A small earthquake shook near Rio Linda Wednesday morning.


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Triple-Digit Heat Makes Its Presence Felt Across Sacramento Region

With temperatures reaching above the century mark inside this Bacon Mania food truck the temperature is sweltering between the fryer and grill.



Drought Turns Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Into Tug-Of-War Between Water Interests

Nothing about California’s water system is easy, but this is one of the most complicated parts where solutions are urgently needed, but answers are hard to come by.


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Industrial Fire At Sacramento Recycling Plant Sends Large Plume Of Smoke Into Sky

On Tuesday night, firefighters kept a close eye on the recycling plant fire, continuing to pour water onto it more than six hours after it caught fire and exploded in size.


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Is Southern California Sucking Northern Water Supply Dry During Drought?

If you think the aqueduct is sending water from Northern California to Southern California, you may be in for a surprise


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California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out

Before visiting Tulare County, a place where wells have gone dry and some people are living in third-world conditions, we went to a place deep in the Mojave Desert that offers a dire warning of what can happen when the water runs out.


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District Manager: California Drought Curtailments Meant Wasting 100 Million Gallons Of Water

McCloud Community Services District General Manager Wayne Grigsby claims 100 million gallons of water went to waste, and it’s all the State Water Resources Control Board’s fault.


Water Rights system

California Water Rights System Is A Century-Old Knot That Will Be Difficult To Untangle

The most ancient of California’s water rights are locked away in a dusty old safe. Some of the documents date back more than a century.



California City: How A Developer’s Failed Dream Became The State’s Biggest Water Waster

A glance on Google Earth shows it’s a 200-square mile community of just 14,000 people. By land area, it’s the third-largest city in the state. But it’s miles of empty land.



Roseville Hosting National Softball Tournament As Temperatures Soar Past 100 Degrees

The crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd were mixed with groans about the heat beating down on the diamond Tuesday for the ASA Nationals Tournament.



California Drought Renews Focus On Capturing, Recycling Stormwater

The first stop was the largest nursery in Southern California, Altman Plants, but it wasn’t for the plants. It was to see how one of the Los Angeles-area’s biggest water users was able to cut water use in half.