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1 Shot At Cesar Chavez Park In Sacramento

Police say bike officers in the area were hailed down by someone in the park claiming their son was acting erratically and needed help. They say as the officers approached, the man pulled out a knife, and that’s when the officer opened fire.

22 hours ago

monsanto protest

Protesters Block Entrance To Monsanto’s Woodland Facility

Environmental advocates are risking arrest by blocking the entrance to Monsanto’s Woodland facility Thursday morning.


stockton police

Stockton Police K9 In Training Gets Loose, Bites 62-Year-Old Woman

Police have pulled a K9 off the street after the dog got loose and accidentally bit a woman.


candi talarico

The Kidnapping Of Candi Talarico: How A Sacramento Girl Was Found Six Weeks After She Disappeared

For Jack Manzer, winding his way to the present means recalling a big part of his past he keeps neatly chronicled in a book that tells the story of a little girl lost. Candi Talarico, 4, was kidnapped from an alley near her Q Street apartment in Sacramento on June 4, 1988.



The Kidnapping Of Candi Talarico: 27 Years Later, Once-Missing Girl Now A Mom

It’s been 27 years since the horrific ordeal. Candi Talarico admits seeing the images from that June day in 1988 stirs the emotions. “I try not to think about that part of my life,” she said. “It was so long ago, but I’ve moved on and I think I’ve coped with it pretty well.”


Website Offers Support For Victims Of Cyberbullying

Heartmob turns the table on aggressors with a click of the mouse. If you receive a hateful message, you can log on and get three options: Develop a safety plan, document harassment and receive support.



Call Kurtis: The Travel Vouchers We Got for Being Bumped Won’t Work

Joan says she was told she had to contact American Airlines for help considering it and U.S. Airways merged but she says American never responded.


grocery outlet

Grocery Outlet Pulls Ground Beef From Stores After Reports Of Glass Inside Meat

Mike Pouard says he bought Harris Ranch 5-pound pre-packaged ground beef last week from a Grocery Outlet store in Oakley. When his wife was making a meatloaf dinner, he says she found glass while she was mixing the meat with seasoning and eggs. a piece of the glass actually cut his hand.


fire training

Grass Valley Firefighter Training Facility Could Run Out Of Water

Every time it rains, the two 18,000-gallon storage tanks fill up. But the drought has dwindled their supply to about half. With a dry summer projected, the facility runs the risk of running out.


deputy drug arrest

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Accused Of Dealing Meth In Nevada

It’s an arrest that seemed unlikely for so many reasons. Mark Zlendick wasn’t just a long-time sheriff’s deputy, but he was also assigned to Slednet—a multi-agency task force dedicated to taking drugs off the streets.


publisher beaten

Punjabi Newspaper Publisher Brutally Beaten Inside His Home By Group Of Men

His face bruised, his hand broken and legs beaten, Punjabi newspaper publisher Boota Basi spoke from bed, still wearing hospital clothes, after surviving the vicious attack inside his home.