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Keeping A Green Lawn With California’s Drought Restrictions Takes Common Sense

Greg Gayton has gardening down to a science. He says about two-thirds of the plants at the Sacramento nursery Green Acres are water-wise and growing more popular by the day.


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Mandatory Water Cuts Have Sacramento Residents Turning To Gray Water In Drought

She has a toilet and sink in one that she ordered from Japan fro about $100. While some say it sinks to a new low during the drought, she says it sometimes saves 10 gallons of water or more a day.


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Artificial Grass Moving Quickly After California Announces Mandatory Drought Restrictions

The state is urging people to cut back on watering to once a week to meet the 25 percent cutback goal, though most water districts will limit watering to two to three times a week and have customers find other ways to meet the goal.


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Sacramento Artificial Turf Ban Could Stand In Way Of Drought Lawn Changes

State water officials will hand out rebates to replace lawns with drought-tolerant landscapes. But in Sacramento homeowners could face a fine if they put in artificial turf.


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Crop Insurance A Necessity For California Farmers As Drought Disaster Rolls On

Silva decided against planting alfalfa and wheat this season. The lifelong farmer predicts if the drought persists, crops like tomatoes and alfalfa may at least be temporarily wiped out statewide because there isn’t enough water to go around.


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California’s Drought Could Hit Beef Prices Again As Ranchers Turn To Slaughterhouses

The cost of keeping cows fed through a drought may be too costly for valley ranchers, but if more cows are sent to slaughter, it could drive up the price of beef.


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Natomas Ready To Start Building As Drought Worries Hang Over Growth

While the drought is prompting some cities to require tougher water restrictions for construction on new homes, that’s not the case in Natomas. More than 1,000 new homes can be built in Natomas, an area that hasn’t seen any growth in years.


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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Authorizing $1 Billion In Drought-Related Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a plan injecting $1 billion of water spending into California as it grapples with a historic drought.


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$1B Water Spending Bill Heads To Governor

A $1 billion water spending plan for drought-stricken California is heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.



Farmers May Sell Water Meant For Growing Crops During California’s Drought

Canals are currently dry, but Central Valley farmers will start pumping in water soon. But not everyone will need it, as some annual crops can survive a year without water. Others, including almond orchards and vineyards can’t.


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State Lawmakers Vote To Speed Up Water Projects Meant To Bring Relief, Fund Infrastructure Projects

California lawmakers are considering a plan to speed up more than $1 billion in water spending as the drought persists.