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Manteca Cracking Down On Lawns After 25 Percent Water Use Increase In Drought

Manteca will be making dramatic changes to save water during the drought as new numbers show the city has not only not conserved water in the past year, but used 25 percent more.


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Spring Storm Brings Thunderstorms, Funnel Clouds To Sacramento, Welcome Snow To Sierra

The drought have been tough on wineries, but Tuesday’s severe weather added to the woes. Pea-sized hail ripped up fines at Fields Family Wines in Lodi, where the owner describes the damage as moderate to severe.


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Poor Statewide Conservation Prompts California To Develop Water-Waste Snitching System

Plans include a statewide system where people can report neighbors or business owners who waste water. That system is expected to be up and running in the next few weeks.


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NWS: Funnel Cloud Spotted North Of Sacramento

The National Weather Service is saying they have fielded numerous reports of a funnel cloud in Sacramento.


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Drought-Stricken California Residents Scramble For Rain Barrels To Save Tuesday’s Storm

Clyde Froehlich says the rain doesn’t put a damper on his online business, Blue Barrel Systems, where he sells do-it-yourself rain barrel kits. He says sales have shot up since Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a mandatory 25 percent cut in usage.



Storm Bringing Rain To Valley Around Midnight Tonight

Our Easter Sunday storm dropped mainly .10 inch rain totals in the valley, with 7 inches of snow measured at Kingvale in the Sierra. Today we’re in a lull, with increasing clouds and breezes this afternoon, keeping us cool.


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Keeping A Green Lawn With California’s Drought Restrictions Takes Common Sense

Greg Gayton has gardening down to a science. He says about two-thirds of the plants at the Sacramento nursery Green Acres are water-wise and growing more popular by the day.


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Mandatory Water Cuts Have Sacramento Residents Turning To Gray Water In Drought

She has a toilet and sink in one that she ordered from Japan fro about $100. While some say it sinks to a new low during the drought, she says it sometimes saves 10 gallons of water or more a day.


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Artificial Grass Moving Quickly After California Announces Mandatory Drought Restrictions

The state is urging people to cut back on watering to once a week to meet the 25 percent cutback goal, though most water districts will limit watering to two to three times a week and have customers find other ways to meet the goal.


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Sacramento Artificial Turf Ban Could Stand In Way Of Drought Lawn Changes

State water officials will hand out rebates to replace lawns with drought-tolerant landscapes. But in Sacramento homeowners could face a fine if they put in artificial turf.


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Crop Insurance A Necessity For California Farmers As Drought Disaster Rolls On

Silva decided against planting alfalfa and wheat this season. The lifelong farmer predicts if the drought persists, crops like tomatoes and alfalfa may at least be temporarily wiped out statewide because there isn’t enough water to go around.