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drought shaming

Drought Shaming Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media

If you’ve ever had the feeling you’re being watched while you water your lawn, there’s a good chance you are during this historic drought.



Valley Temperatures 4-8 Degrees Hotter Than Monday, Cooling Off Tomorrow

Clouds acted like a blanket overnight, keeping some locations above 80 degrees. It’s made for a dramatic sunrise.



Temperatures Back To Seasonal Norm After Monday’s Scorcher

Temperatures are dipping back down to normal after the scorcher we had Monday. Foothills temperatures lingered down in the 70s in the overnight hours.


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Triple Digit Weather Spurs Outdoor Fun, Pics

Anyone whose been outside today knows it’s hot. Temperatures on Monday afternoon soared into the triple digits and while some folks stayed inside and enjoyed some air conditioning, others braved the heat with a little […]



Cool Weather Continues Today, Warming Trend Begins Tomorrow

Enjoy the cool down we’ve had over the last couple of days because things will heat up beginning on Wednesday.



Near-Record Temperatures Expected In Sacramento Region Today

It’ll be another hot one today! It’ll be warm and mostly sunny with above-average temperatures throughout the region Tuesday. Valley and delta high temperatures will get up to 15 degrees above the normal in places.


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Something For Everyone: Clouds, Rain and Sunshine

Expect cloud cover for most of the day Thursday, then some rain is on the way Friday.


friday system

Weak Storm Coming Friday

Downtown Sacramento saw a record amount of rain for the day yesterday, with 1.30″ recorded. But, the next storm looks like it will pale in comparison.


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Storm Waiting In The Wings

Bursts of heavy rain are coming Monday and Tuesday.


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More Rain On The Way

It’s going to be an active few days for the valley.


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Storm To Arrive Tonight; More Storms Ahead

The next storm arrives tonight and it looks like we’ll have a wet start to our Saturday. But, Friday is looking pretty dry.