Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill joined CBS 13 in June 2012 and she’s happy to make the transition from east coast to west coast living.

Before coming to Sacramento, Anjali worked as a reporter at WTKR in Norfolk, VA. There she covered everything from fatal hurricanes to Naval deployments to pirates on trial. She also won a 2011 Virginia
Associated Press Award for Individual Reporting. She got her start in news as a radio news reporter for WPTF in Raleigh, NC.

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Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill

Anjali graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She spent most of her life growing up in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., but she also lived in Africa as a child. She spent 4
years in Niger and one year in Rwanda; until her family was forced to leave during the 1994 civil war.

Anjali has a unique name because her mother is from India and her father is American. She is involved with the Indian-American community as well as Special Olympics and Best Buddies.

When Anjali’s not working she enjoys traveling, playing softball, running, crafting, singing and playing the clarinet.

Anjali would love to hear story ideas from you! Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or send her an email at


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