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Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill joined CBS 13 in June 2012 and she’s happy to make the transition from east coast to west coast living.

Before coming to Sacramento, Anjali worked as a reporter at WTKR in Norfolk, VA. There she covered everything from fatal hurricanes to Naval deployments to pirates on trial. She also won a 2011 Virginia
Associated Press Award for Individual Reporting. She got her start in news as a radio news reporter for WPTF in Raleigh, NC.

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Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill

Anjali graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She spent most of her life growing up in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., but she also lived in Africa as a child. She spent 4
years in Niger and one year in Rwanda; until her family was forced to leave during the 1994 civil war.

Anjali has a unique name because her mother is from India and her father is American. She is involved with the Indian-American community as well as Special Olympics and Best Buddies.

When Anjali’s not working she enjoys traveling, playing softball, running, crafting, singing and playing the clarinet.

Anjali would love to hear story ideas from you! Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or send her an email at ahemphill@kovr.com.

killed by tree

Arborist: Trees Near One That Killed Citrus Heights Driver Also Pose Risk

Arborist John Spurgin is taking a closer look at what’s left of a tree that fell and killed Travis Chapman as he drove by.


search party

Specialized Search Team Searches Snowy Hills For Missing Modesto Runner

A storm bearing down on the region Monday with another one to follow on Tuesday is making the search for the Modesto runner difficult.



City Only Approves Portion Of Controversial Citrus Heights Bike Trail

The board decided to go forward with only a 4-mile portion of the 16-mile project on Thursday, setting aside the more controversial portions for later.


child bus

5-Year-Old Killed By Modesto City Bus While Running To Mother

Investigators say school at Tuolumne Elementary had let out and the kindergartner was crossing the street to meet his mother on the other side.



Group Handing Graphic Anti-Abortion Fliers To Rancho Cordova Students

Graphic anti-abortion flyers are being passed out to students at a local school, and parents and neighbors are outraged the school district can’t put a stop to it.


bar backlash

Historic Sacramento Bar Owners Upset School Is Being Built Next Door

The Trap has been open since 1860, and it’s the kind of place where everybody knows your name. Brookfield School will be right next to The Trap when it plans to open its doors this fall to more than 400 students.


salmon rice fields

Flooding Rice Fields In Winter Could Help Raise Bigger Salmon

Floodplain-raised fish have shown a higher survival rate and a larger size over river-raised salmon.


student stabbed

Parents Furious With School After Child Stabbed In Throat With Pencil

Parents of a child stabbed in the throat with a pencil say upset that the school didn’t call an ambulance, and that they had to come take him to the hospital with the pencil still lodged inside.


teen saves

Teen’s Quick Thinking Saves Man, Dog Stranded On Cliff

Chase Patterson was shocked to see a dog and its owner when he looked over the edge of a bluff right outside his grandparents’ home.


Submitted by viewer Jeff.

Car Chase Ends With Police Shooting Woman Dead

A memorial is growing near where a young woman was shot dead by police after she rammed them with her car.


Fed ex box

Woman Turns Over Mis-Mailed Medical Records To Sheriff’s Department

She says a FedEx security manager showed up at her door on Friday and tried to explain it was all a big mistake.


Medical charts

FedEx Ships Hundreds Of Medical Records To Carmichael Woman’s Home

A woman opened a box mailed to her home and found the names, test results, credit card information, and medical records for hundreds of people.