Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill joined CBS 13 in June 2012 and she’s happy to make the transition from east coast to west coast living.

Before coming to Sacramento, Anjali worked as a reporter at WTKR in Norfolk, VA. There she covered everything from fatal hurricanes to Naval deployments to pirates on trial. She also won a 2011 Virginia
Associated Press Award for Individual Reporting. She got her start in news as a radio news reporter for WPTF in Raleigh, NC.

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Anjali Hemphill

Anjali Hemphill

Anjali graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She spent most of her life growing up in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., but she also lived in Africa as a child. She spent 4
years in Niger and one year in Rwanda; until her family was forced to leave during the 1994 civil war.

Anjali has a unique name because her mother is from India and her father is American. She is involved with the Indian-American community as well as Special Olympics and Best Buddies.

When Anjali’s not working she enjoys traveling, playing softball, running, crafting, singing and playing the clarinet.

Anjali would love to hear story ideas from you! Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or send her an email at

killer house

Sacramento Victim’s Family Shocked Haunted House Considered Using Serial Killer As Theme

One of the most disturbing murders involved Wallin’s then-pregnant wife Teresa Wallin. Investigators say Chase broke into her home, brutally killed her, and her unborn baby.



Given Second Chance At Life, Old High School Crushes Get Second Chance At Love

Even though Joe Hall lost the use of his legs and arms in a car accident 28 years ago, his perseverance has allowed him a second chance at his art and at love.


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Stockton Workers Fear Pensions They Worked For May Be Slashed In Bankruptcy Settlement

A federal bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday that Stockton’s pension issues were no different than its other bills, leaving the door open for the city to slash payments once thought protected.


Stockton Bankrupt

Judge: Stockton Can Trim Pension Obligations, No Final Ruling On Bankruptcy

The case is being closely watched because it could help clarify who gets paid first by financially strapped cities around the nation – retirement funds or creditors.


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California Drought Causing Pumpkins To Ripen Early, Shortens World’s Largest Corn Maze

Cooley doesn’t expect the drought to dwindle his Halloween business this season, but the future of Cool Patch Pumpkins all depends on the weather.


water rationing

Home-By-Home Water Rationing May Be Spreading If California’s Drought Worsens

So far, only about 4 percent of larger water districts in the state are setting limits on individual water use. But in the San Juan Water District where people rely on Folsom Lake for all their water, individual household water allocation could become a reality too.


bait car 2

Police Look To Stop Potential Thieves With ‘Bait Car’ Signs

When Mitch Rhoades and his friends returned to their car Sunday night in the Promenade shopping center parking lot, it was still right where they left it.


Delta College punishment

San Joaquin Delta College Player Kicked Off Team Following Domestic Violence Arrest

Young was a walk-on player, according to Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Arroyo. He says the college didn’t recruit Young, and he sat on the bench for all the games this season.


mountain lion

Surveillance Video Shows Mountain Lion Fleeing From Turlock Police

It was seen near Berkley Road and California Avenue, which is where much of the day was spent searching for the mountain lion, and warning people to stay inside.


damage king fire

Devastation Revealed As Crews Gain Ground On King Fire

As firefighters gain ground fighting the massive King Fire, it’s now becoming clearer how many families have lost everything.


general mills

After General Mills Posts Drop In Profits, Future Of Lodi Cereal Plant Looks Bleak

The company posted a 25 percent loss on Wednesday, primarily from weak demand from breakfast cereal and other packaged products.


(Credit: Anjali Hemphill/CBS13)

Weed Takes Stock After Wind-Driven Boles Fire Destroys Or Damages 150 Homes In Lumber Town

In just a few hours, wind-driven flames destroyed or damaged 100 homes, the saw mill and a church. At times, the fire moved so fast that residents had only a few minutes to get out of the way.