Derek Shore

Derek Shore is an Arizona native with a lifelong passion for news. Originally from Tucson, he attended the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. He has served as a producer and assignment editor at KTVK in Phoenix and a morning and noon anchor in Bryan, Texas.

Twitter: @derekshore
Derek Shore

Most recently, Derek spent two years as a reporter at KFOX in El Paso, Texas covering the ongoing Mexican drug war. He was often called upon to report nationally for Fox News Channel and other local affiliates. His reporting on consumer complaints also lead to the arrest of two different business owners on charges of deceptive business practices.

Derek has a great family to support him living in Tucson. He credits his ability to thrive to a wonderful upbringing by his parents, Bonnie and Joe.

missing child investigation

Yuba County CPS Under Fire After Mom With Drug History Runs Off With Newborn

The incident comes nearly two years after Yuba County Child Protective Services came under heavy scrutiny when a baby was born with drugs in its system and wound up dead.

20 hours ago

Zac Brickman (Credit: CBS13)

Man Turned Away From Garth Brooks Concert; Told $585 Tickets Were Already Used

His mother shelled out nearly $600 to get him the tickets for his birthday, only to be told someone else already had his seat. Now at local man is demanding the company that sold the tickets make things right.


Credit: CBS13

Police Suspect Man Who Reported Davis Deaths May Have Been Shooter

Two people are dead after a SWAT situation in Davis ended in tragedy. Police are piecing together what happened, but as of now it would seem to be a murder-suicide.


found alive

Missing Vallejo Woman Found, But Mystery Deepens On What Happened To Her

Huskins was reportedly kidnapped on Monday from the Vallejo home she shared with her boyfriend. Authorities found her on Wednesday morning near her father’s apartment in Huntington Beach.



Police Mum On Suspected Vallejo Kidnapping, Ransom Demands

Vallejo Police continued its search for Denise Huskins, 30, and is releasing little information about her disappearance. Police searched her boyfriend’s home on Mare Island where the alleged kidnapping took place.



Man Who Allegedly Beat Woman With Mace Posed With Similar Weapon On Facebook

The woman was walking her dog down Garfield Avenue when deputies say 31-year-old Travis Lanning leaped out from behind her with a mace in hand. Investigators say Lanning first went for the woman’s dog, then turned his attack to the 50-year-old woman.


lyon charges

Former Real Estate Executive Faces More Charges Of Eavesdropping

The reason she thinks that is because it’s the same charge Michael Lyon pleaded guilty to four years ago—secretly recording sexual encounters with women. He was allowed a plea deal at that time that gave him a month behind bars.


precent violence

How Can Stockton Tackle Crime-Prone Area In Wake Of Drive-By Shooting That Killed 3?

New Stockton Vice Mayor ChristinaFugazi says while she knows it’s not easy, she is hitting the ground running with the Midtown Neighborhood Association, to start targeting businesses and areas that allow loitering.


deadly stockton shooting

A Day After Deadly Drive-By, Stockton Mourns 3 Killed, Fears Retaliation

Tuesday night’s shooting claimed the lives of Kabin Kennebrew, 23; Arniska “Nikki” Lofton, 27; and Aliyah Taylor, 20.


honda odyssey

Person Of Interest May Be Driving Citrus Heights Murder Victim’s Car

Neighbors say they were relieved to hear Kim’s daughter wasn’t home at the time of the killing. They say police had been called out before for a domestic disturbance between Kim and a recent boyfriend. Investigators aren’t confirming that, instead asking everyone to be on the lookout for her van.


samantha green murder

Attorneys For Baby Justice’s Mother Call New Murder Charge ‘Vindictive Prosecution’

Samantha Green, 23, kept her head down heading to court where she would find out she’s facing the possibility of life in prison for the death of Justice Rees.


traffic cops

Sacramento Police Traffic Patrol Revived After Budget Cuts Slashed Force Three Years Ago

Back on the bike and back on the lookout for those not-so-safe Sacramento drivers, Sgt. Adam Vassallo is the head of the newly re-formed Sacramento Police traffic unit.