Derek Shore

Derek Shore is an Arizona native with a lifelong passion for news. Originally from Tucson, he attended the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. He has served as a producer and assignment editor at KTVK in Phoenix and a morning and noon anchor in Bryan, Texas.

Twitter: @derekshore
Derek Shore

Most recently, Derek spent two years as a reporter at KFOX in El Paso, Texas covering the ongoing Mexican drug war. He was often called upon to report nationally for Fox News Channel and other local affiliates. His reporting on consumer complaints also lead to the arrest of two different business owners on charges of deceptive business practices.

Derek has a great family to support him living in Tucson. He credits his ability to thrive to a wonderful upbringing by his parents, Bonnie and Joe.


Victim’s Family, Church Relieved Grass Valley Elderly Beating Suspect Arrested

Alan Kierkegaard, 50, was arrested on Thursday night after a resident tipped police to the location of the beating victim’s car.



Folsom Knew Of Apartment Dry Rot Issues Before Deadly Accident, But Not Safety Risk

Folsom city building official Steve Burger says apartment management told them was they needed permits to repair dry rot. They had no indication there was such a close call.


water dsitricts

California Water Districts Face Billion-Dollar Loss As Drought Conservation Cuts Income

With many cutting their water use by more than 25 percent, they’re paying less on their water bill, which means less for water districts who rely on that money to keep their systems operating.



Man Who Saved Woman, Girl Laments Drowning Victim He Never Saw

Swallowing water while trying to keep above it, he grabbed a woman and a little girl, bringing them to shore. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He learned later there was a woman who didn’t get out—one he never saw—a 27-year-old who still has not surfaced.


rotting wood

Rotting Wood Likely Cause Of Deadly Stairway Collapse At Folsom Apartment Complex

Folsom city officials spent the day inspecting temporary support beams installed on other stairwells at the Willow Creek Apartment Complex. They confirmed management knew there were problems that needed to be fixed.



Anonymous Tip Leads To One Of Largest Illegal Fireworks Bust In Sacramento Region History

Thousands of pounds of consumer and professional grade fireworks were found sitting in a home in a quiet Fair Oaks neighborhood.


Vaccine law

Parents Threaten To Leave California Over State’s Childhood Vaccination Law

Despite studies showing vaccines are safe and the debunking of a study linking autism to vaccinations, Brott says many parents like her are planning on taking their kids out of school or even out of state while others work to repeal it.


dry field

Homeowners Blame Untended Lot For Destructive South Sacramento Fire

It’s not uncommon to see open, undeveloped land around the city. For one reason or another, the owner decides not to build. But those lots can turn into dry, open fields and fuel for a fire like the one that hit Sunday.


sarah's family

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Douglas’ Family Recalls Horror Of Murder, Pain Of Trial

While Stephanie Douglas, her mother Trudy and cousin Barbara try to remember Sarah Douglas in happier times, it’s not hard to think about how the 26-year-old’s life came to a violent end.


court appearance

Mom Says Midtown Hate Crime Suspect Has Been Battling Mental Illness After Military

Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime because the victims said Brownell used a gay slur before stabbing the victims. They say he attacked because the musicians wore skinny jeans.



Sacramento Kings Front Office Adamant DeMarcus Cousins Staying, Stays Mum On Rift

With the NBA Draft less than 48 hours away, there are questions whether or not Sacramento Kings All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins will ever play at the new arena slated to open in 2016.


fleming closing

Murder Or Manslaughter? Orville Fleming’s Fate Now In Jury’s Hands

Now a jury must decide whether Fleming committed murder or manslaughter. Fleming admitted to stabbing Douglas on the witness stand last week, but attorneys argue his testimony shows he was in a dissociative state at the time and acting in a fit of anger.