Derek Shore

Derek Shore is an Arizona native with a lifelong passion for news. Originally from Tucson, he attended the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University. He has served as a producer and assignment editor at KTVK in Phoenix and a morning and noon anchor in Bryan, Texas.

Twitter: @derekshore
Derek Shore

Most recently, Derek spent two years as a reporter at KFOX in El Paso, Texas covering the ongoing Mexican drug war. He was often called upon to report nationally for Fox News Channel and other local affiliates. His reporting on consumer complaints also lead to the arrest of two different business owners on charges of deceptive business practices.

Derek has a great family to support him living in Tucson. He credits his ability to thrive to a wonderful upbringing by his parents, Bonnie and Joe.

willows RT

Sacramento RT Police Insist They’re Cleaning Up Problems With Downtown Arena On Horizon

It’s like something out of a casino security room. Dealing with a limited budget, Leong has turned to a newly updated and elaborate camera system as part of the plan. Staff monitoring the stations in real time would be able to call out officers immediately to areas where many could feel alone.


swastikas down

Protester Who Tore Down Sacramento Swastika Display Says He Did What He Thought Was Right

“This is despicable, what this man did,” Dixon said of the homeowner, “defacing our flag and Israel’s flag and it’s been going on for five months. And I as an American am no longer going to be complacent, and I am going to do what I think needed to be done, for this neighborhood, for these people. God bless America.”



Fresh Out Of Bankruptcy, Stockton Will Start Spending To Rebuild Part Of Downtown

It’s being called the CalWeber Project. The $14-million dollar public and private investment just approved by the city will transform the entire city block, adding 40 affordable housing units and remodeling retail stores at the bottom.


no murder

In Surprise Move, Baby Justice’s Mother Will Face Manslaughter Charge For Infant Son’s Death

Leading up to Wednesday’s hearing, investigators had been pointing toward a possible murder charge for Samantha Green in the death of 20-day-old Justice Rees. At a press conference announcing Green’s arrest on Saturday, Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto said she would face a murder charge, but it was up to the DA’s office to determine what degree.


box o animals

Who Is Spreading Dead, Mutilated Animals Throughout Sacramento?

A box of dead chickens found along a Sacramento River bike trail is the latest disturbing discovery of mutilated animals in the Sacramento area.



Maintenance Error Sends Empty Light-Rail Train Rolling Through Sacramento

The unmanned train came through a station at Del Paso Boulevard and Arden Way, eventually losing power and coasting to a stop after traveling more than a mile.


Baby Justice

What Happened To Baby Justice? 20-Day-Old Boy Found Dead In Knights Landing Slough

Investigators had been searching Knights Landing in a rural area of Yolo County this week after a 20-day-old baby and his mother disappeared. The mother was found on Tuesday night.


tow truck driver

Tow Company Owner Says He Helped His Driver Just Before Deadly Accident

He says he got a call from Bowers on Monday night saying the tow truck he was driving overheated on westbound Highway 50 near Jefferson Boulevard. Portugal responded and fixed the truck.


teens booze

Rocklin Ordinance Would Punish Parents Who Host Alcohol-Fueled Parties For Teens

The ordinance would allow officers to write a $1,000 ticket to any adults who are allowing drinking at their homes. officers can also write the citation to adults who “reasonably should have known” the drinking was happening.


fire sprinkler

Why Didn’t An Elk Grove Administrative Building That Burned Have Sprinklers?

The building was home to a school back in the 1920s and was later converted into an administrative offices building for the Cosumnes Service District, which runs the Cosumnes Fire Department, as well as as parks and recreation for the city of Elk Grove.



Family Questions Yuba County Deputies’ Use Of Taser In Arrest That Left Him Brain Dead

Ray Guthrie will be the first to tell you that his stepson Chance Thompson was not a saint. The 35-year-old used drugs and had a criminal past. While that isn’t a question, Ray says he has plenty more.


volunteeer arrested

Elderly Roseville School Volunteer Arrested In Child Molestation Case

The suspect has been identified as 70-year-old John Silva, a grandfather of another student and a verified school volunteer. His mugshot has not been release, citing the ongoing investigation.