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Eight-time Emmy Award winner Kurtis Ming is CBS13’s consumer investigative reporter. Since joining CBS13 in 2003, he’s held the position of general assignment reporter and weekend anchor, before starting the “Call Kurtis” consumer advocacy program, which has helped viewers get back millions of dollars and resolve thousands of disputes since 2006.

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Since arriving in Sacramento, he’s covered a wide range of stories — from the gubernatorial campaign of a porn star to the Scott Peterson murder trial. He’s reported on natural disasters too — from an assignment in the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina to trips to the shores of Phuket, Thailand , and Samoa tracking progress following the tsunamis that affected each of those countries.

During his international travels in September 2010, Kurtis experienced a major earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and found himself reporting for a national audience back home.  He’s also reported on terrorism in Pakistan and on the last front of the Cold War: the DMZ, which divides North and South Korea.

Kurtis is a 24-time regional Emmy Award nominee and eight-time winner. He was awarded three trophies in 2012 including one for his team’s nationwide investigation into Walmart’s gift receipt practices that sparked reaction on Capitol Hill.  The investigation is also the recipient of The National Press Club’s 2012 Consumer Journalism Award. He was also awarded an Emmy Award for his report that helped a woman end her decades-long journey to find her father.   His investigations into psychic detectives, an unscrupulous tire shop and mobile mechanic were also honored.

His Emmy Award-winning investigation exposing the California Medical Board’s problem-plagued doctor’s drug and alcohol diversion program, resulted in the board getting rid of it.    Another Emmy Award-winning investigation prompted the DMV to overhaul its database after he uncovered a flaw that caused Californians to wrongfully receive tickets.   He was awarded an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement In an Educational Segment for his report on the hidden dangers of paintball after the deaths of a local mother and a teen from Washington. His feature reporting garnered an Emmy Award for a story about a tiny town in Kansas giving away free land to lure new residents.

The South San Francisco native started his broadcast career in 1996 as a radio reporter and anchor at WERS-FM in Boston.  He founded Emerson College’s student-run television station WEBN and worked behind the scenes for Dateline NBC, Los Angeles TV station KCOP, and KGO-TV in San Francisco before landing his first on-air TV job at KRCR-TV in Redding in 1999. He anchored, reported and forecasted the weather at KRCR for nearly three years before working as a reporter and anchor for CBS station KTVN in Reno.

Kurtis was selected as an East West Center fellow in 2013, traveling with a delegation of American journalists to Pakistan.  In 2011, Kurtis graduated from the FBI’s Citizens’ Academy. He is a member of the Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Kurtis has a degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College in Boston. When he’s not covering the news, he enjoys traveling and mentoring young aspiring journalists.

Getting Answers with Kurtis Ming

1) How long have you lived in Northern California?  32 Years (all my life minus college and a job in Reno)

2) Where are you from originally?  South San Francisco

3) Do you have any siblings?  Yes.  One.

5) iPhone or Android?  Currently, Android

6) What’s your favorite thing about working in news?  Serving as the voice of the viewer.  Asking the tough questions people at home want answered.

7) What’s your favorite past time?  Traveling

8)  What’s the one place you’d like to visit that you’ve never been to before?  Trying to get to every continent, so it’s tough to narrow it down.   Antarctica, Africa and South America are still on the list.

9) What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?  Thailand

10) Where’s the strangest/farthest place you’ve been recognized?  The Azores.  A small island in Portugal.

11) At what age did you decide you were interested in news?  11, after the Loma Prieta Earthquake


Call Kurtis: 24 Hour Fitness Members Say Company Lied About Lifetime Pricing

Several 24 Hour Fitness members have told us when they signed up for a membership in 2006 and 2007, they were told their rates were locked in for a lifetime.


california kid kurtis

Call Kurtis Investigates: Lawmaker Wants to Give Parents New Option to Protect Kids from ID Theft

Eighteen states have now passed laws forcing the three credit bureaus to give parents the option of freezing their children’s credit, so no one can steal their child’s identity and open up credit. California is not one of them.


kurtis bags

Call Kurtis: CVS and Dollar Tree Stores Also Erroneously Charged 10 Cents Over Bag Ban Confusion

More viewers are coming forward saying they are finding stores located in Sacramento County now charging 10-cents for shopping bags, even though the plastic bag ban is a City of Sacramento ordinance.


call kurtis jeep

Call Kurtis Investigates: Fiat Chrysler Recalls 350k SUVs a Month After CBS13 Exposes Problem With Recall Repairs

Wife and mother, Stacie Hanson says she and her two kids were just sitting down to eat at taco bell, when her daughter yelled, “Mom your car has smoke coming out of the whole inside of it,” recalls Stacie.


kurtis leter

Call Kurtis: State Department Responds to CBS13 Request More Than 5 Years Later

Five-and-a-half years later, this letter date stamped December 22, 2015 arrived from Jonathan Rolbin who has the impressive title of Director of Office of Legal Affairs and Law Enforcement Liaison Bureau of Consular Affairs Passport Service.


call kurtis plane

Call Kurtis: American Airlines Refuses Compensation for Family Denied Boarding

The Nguyen family says they were involuntarily bumped by the airline and they want to be compensated for the hassle.


call kurtis h

Call Kurtis: My House Burned Down and I Got Ripped Off

Consumer Attorney Stuart Talley says if this company’s workers lied saying the insurance company sent them if it didn’t, that would violate California law.



Call Kurtis: Dish Network Put Holes In My New House

Moving into their custom-built home, Elk Grove resident Jennifer Hua says right away they had their satellite service transferred. However, the satellite installer cut corners and drilled holes all over her new house.


kurtis pet insurance

Call Kurtis: Should I Get Pet Insurance Or A Wellness Plan For My Dog Or Cat?

Wellness Plans usually only cover preventive care like physicals, office visits, some vaccines, teeth cleanings and usually offer discounts on other veterinary services.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Dangerous Tires on the Road

Kim’s used tire had sliced down the side and shredded almost all the way around. Her S-U-V had blackened scuffmarks, a cracked panel, and a dent in the back.


kurtis trash

Call Kurtis: City Forgets to Bill for Trash for 2 Years; Sends Large Bill

He says he called the City of Elk Grove to set up trash and service and says he was told it would automatically transfer into his name.



Call Kurtis: My $1,600 Purebred Puppy Never Showed Up

Within days he got an email from Felton Cargo Delivery Service demanding he wire $980.76 for a life insurance policy on the puppy.




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