Maria Medina

Maria Medina has been delivering the news since she was in middle school. Her first job was delivering newspapers in her neighborhood!

Twitter: @mariacbs13
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Before coming to CBS13, she worked for KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she extensively covered the unsolved murders of 11 women, the high-profile murder trial of man who killed a deputy and she uncovered problems at the Department of Labor.

Before moving to Albuquerque, Maria worked at KIMA in Yakima, Washington for two years.

During her off-time, she likes to surf or snowboard with her two sons.

Her goal is to travel around the world, including surfing in Australia.

Recent Stories By Maria

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Find Out What A Roseville Woman Won On ‘The Price Is Right’ This Morning

A Roseville woman will make an appearance on “The Price Is Right” on Wednesday, and she even walked away a winner. But it almost didn’t happen.


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Drone Regulation Debate Enters New Phase With Proposed FAA, California Rules

Currently, the United States bans almost all commercial outdoor usage of drones. But a new set of proposed rules by the Federal Aviation Administration is about to change that.


Credit: CBS13

Father Of Teen Killed By Driver Suspected Of DUI Talks To CBS13

A devastated dad lost his son one month ago in a wrong way crash.



Patients Say Popular Antibiotic Caused Devastating Side Effects

Fluoroquinolones are among the most widely prescribed type of antibiotics. Many patients say instead of helping them heal, however, these powerful drugs have made them sicker.


officers comeback

Roseville Police Officer Sworn-In After Brain Cancer Left Him ‘2 Millimeters’ From Death

A survivor, many would say, thanks to his wife. Amber Seich insisted doctors take a closer look at her husband after they thought he was just suffering from bad headaches.



Group Of Suspected Female Bandits May Be Behind String Of Thefts Across California

According to the victim, three women kept her busy, while one serves as a lookout to give the woman in purple a chance to strike. She allegedly steals the victim’s wallet, then they women wait around for another 45 minutes. That’s when she says the woman in purple gets a glimpse of the stack of cash in the back.


50 shades

Fifty Shades Of Grey Has Sex Shops, Conventional Retailers Seeking To Tie Up New Market

Mr. Grey isn’t just exciting couples across the country. Adult store owners saw money signs after the trilogy came out a few years ago. So now stores like Target are turning to the sex toy industry too.


fake cop

Sacramento Community Service Officer Accused Of Flashing Badge, Pulling Motorists Over

Sacramento Police identified the suspect as Ilaya Prozorov, who has been employed as a civilian community service officer for just over a month. Prozorov graduated from the department’s basic recruit academy in December.



Money Raised After DUI Crash That Claimed Granite Bay Teens’ Lives Will Fund Awareness Efforts

Since the crash that took the lives of Matt Azar, Kendra Langham, and Matt Beard-Witt, business owners have stepped up to raise money. The owner of two Granite Bay Taco Bells plans to donate all proceeds raised on Wednesday to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


hoop dreams

UC Davis, Sacramento State Basketball Teams Flirting With Big Dance Bids To March Madness

Currently, ESPN says both schools could make the March Madness bracket and fight for the crown of college basketball. Sacramento State (11-6) and UC Davis (14-3) have 12 games remaining on their schedules.



Carmichael Residents Meet Good Samaritans Who Saved 7 Pets From Duplex Fire

They were passing by the duplex saw the smoke coming from the duplex, and they say they didn’t even think twice about running in and saving their animals trapped inside.


graveyard shift

Finding Shortstack’s Replacement A Tall Order After Marysville Cemetery Guard Dies

The person who takes the job will have to fill some very big shoes. Donald Oliver watched the cemetery for a couple of years until just a couple of weeks ago. It was a job that he loved.