Maria Medina

Maria Medina has been delivering the news since she was in middle school. Her first job was delivering newspapers in her neighborhood!

Twitter: @mariacbs13
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Before coming to CBS13, she worked for KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she extensively covered the unsolved murders of 11 women, the high-profile murder trial of man who killed a deputy and she uncovered problems at the Department of Labor.

Before moving to Albuquerque, Maria worked at KIMA in Yakima, Washington for two years.

During her off-time, she likes to surf or snowboard with her two sons.

Her goal is to travel around the world, including surfing in Australia.

Recent Stories By Maria

carjacking survivor

Landscaper’s Trailer, Tools Still Held As Evidence After He Was Carjacked Between Deadly Deputy Shootings

The second carjacking victim in a violent crime spree on Friday doesn’t know why he was the only one who walked away uninjured.


chemical concern

Construction Workers Say Second Agricultural Spray Sickened Them In Sutter County

Video from the July incident provided to CBS13 by one of the 10 workers sprayed with pesticide shows just how close the chopper came to the group of men working on the levee.


chemical drop

Construction Workers Doused With Pesticide From Helicopter On Sutter County Levee

Nearly a dozen construction workers were sprayed with pesticide from a helicopter in Sutter County, sending some of them to the hospital with chemical pneumonia.


music fest makeover

TBD Fest Success Tempered By Noise Complaints From Neighbors Miles Away

While organizers of last weekend’s TBD Fest say the event was a huge success in West Sacramento, some are saying the music hit a sour note for them.


farewell tom kettleman

Lodi Residents Gather To Remember Tom Kettleman After He Was Hit By A Car

It’s still hard to believe for many who counted on seeing Tom walking around Lodi every day. Many gathered on Monday to light candles for a dear friend who made them smile without ever saying a word.


rental rates rising

Sacramento Rental Prices Take Largest Jump In Nation, Ahead Of Bay Area Rates

According to Trulia, Sacramento rental prices rose 14.9 percent in the last year, a higher rate than any other city in the country, including San Francisco and Los Angeles.


killer parole

Nearly Four Decades Later Women Hope Mother’s Killer Isn’t Paroled A Second Time

On Feb. 5, 1976 Maryann Jacobs said goodbye to her three children before school, but never picked them up. A neighbor discovered the 37-year-old’s body inside her home, brutally raped, tortured and killed.


developer rocklin

Rocklin Homeowners Say Developer Telling Them To Pay Thousands To Keep Property

The developer sent them a letter a few months ago saying their properties were encroaching on land he just bought, and they were now trespassing. That was news for many of the homeowners who have lived there for years.


bridge crack

Weeks After Napa Earthquake, Aftershocks Leave Bridges In Peril Of Failure

The cost of the damage from the magnitude-6.0 earthquake in Napa is continuing to rise. Steve Stangland with Napa County Public Works says the damage he’s finding isn’t from that quake, but from its aftershocks.



Folsom Woman Raising Awareness For Debilitating Disorder Not Many Know About

Nicole Dean was just 17 years old when her life changed forever. It would be three months before she was diagnosed with dystonia.


Credit: Christine Curry

Manteca Child Shot In Head Had Previous Brush With Death

A 17-year-old who police say fired the gun is behind bars, facing attempted homicide charges. But if the boy neighbors identify as 11-year-old Hunter Davis dies, that could be moved to homicide.


it felt right

Jury Hears Gruesome Details Of 15-Year-Old’s Alleged Slaying Of Elderly Davis Couple

Marsh was just 15 when he allegedly went to 40 to 50 homes searching to unlocked windows and doors before killing Claudia Maupin and her husband Chip Northup.