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Maria Medina

Maria Medina has been delivering the news since she was in middle school. Her first job was delivering newspapers in her neighborhood!

Email: mmedina@kovr.com
Twitter: @mariacbs13
Facebook: Maria on FacebookMaria Medina

Before coming to CBS13, she worked for KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she extensively covered the unsolved murders of 11 women, the high-profile murder trial of man who killed a deputy and she uncovered problems at the Department of Labor.

Before moving to Albuquerque, Maria worked at KIMA in Yakima, Washington for two years.

During her off-time, she likes to surf or snowboard with her two sons.

Her goal is to travel around the world, including surfing in Australia.

Recent Stories By Maria

shut down

MyRedbook.com Shut Down By FBI, Owners Face Prostitution Charges

On Wednesday, the FBI seized the domains of the San Francisco-based site, as well as SFRedbook.com and slapped the owners with a slew of charges, including promoting prostitution.


water use per day

68 Gallons Per Day: El Dorado County Residents Forced To Cut Back On Water Usage

A small California community is being forced to dramatically cut back on water, limiting residents to 68 gallons of water per person per day.


graphic fire fairfield

Homeowners Barely Escape Fast-Moving Fire In Solano County That Burns Two Homes

A fast-moving fire ripped through a Solano County neighborhood, barely giving families time to escape as firefighters were battling the wind and the flames to get an upper hand.


help dancing man

Roseville Raising Money To Find Dancing Man A Home

The father of 7, as he told a newspaper a few years ago, moved to Roseville to be next to his only son in Antelope. Almost every day of the week, you could find Clifford on street corners dancing to the music coming out of his headphones.



Woman Must Choose Between Future In Air Force And Tattoo Honoring Her Brother’s Memory

For years, she’s wanted to join the Air Force. But she says two recruiters, one in her home state of Missouri and another in Sacramento, told her the tattoo has to go. She says she didn’t know about those regulations when she got the tattoo.


house of horrors

After Two Years Of Fires, Fights, And Drugs, Manteca Finally Tears Down House

Tammy Bland snapped pictures on Wednesday as the city’s action to finally bulldoze the home finally came to fruition. She’s been waiting for this moment for two long years.


deadly double shooting

Investigators: Drugs May Be Behind Apparent Murder-Suicide At Natomas Apartment

Neighbors came home to find their home taped off as Sacramento Police were inside the unit across from them where the body of a man they’d just seen alive hours before.


Passenger Protection

Sacramento Light Rail Security Stepped Up After Two Deadly Incidents This Year

After two deadly incidents this year, police are responding to make thousands of light-rail riders in the Sacramento area feel safer.


high school for sale

For Sale: 20 Acres With 20 Bathrooms, Basketball And Tennis Courts, Only $2,014

There’s only one catch on this incredible deal: It’s actually a senior prank at Roseville’s Oakmont High School


grandma 79 yo

79-Year-Old Turlock Graduate Finally Finds Time In Life To Get High-School Diploma

Alice Walner admits it took a lot of hard work to get here, but on Wednesday, she did something she’s waited 62 years to do—walk in a cap and gown and get her high-school diploma.


reunited with journey

Fair Oaks Woman Thanks CBS13 Viewers For Reuniting Her With Seizure-Sensing Dog

Brooke Holmes left her service dog Journey back in Wisconsin so she could take care of her sick father in Sacramento. On Tuesday, he traveled 2,100 miles to reunite with his owner on a very special day.


Bill Lowe

Turlock High Janitor Returns $3,400 Found In Garbage Can To Owner

The Turlock High School custodian discovered thousands of dollars in a garbage can. Bill Lowe may hold a day job, but he could add another title to his resume: good Samaritan.