Maria Medina

Maria Medina has been delivering the news since she was in middle school. Her first job was delivering newspapers in her neighborhood!

Twitter: @mariacbs13
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Before coming to CBS13, she worked for KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she extensively covered the unsolved murders of 11 women, the high-profile murder trial of man who killed a deputy and she uncovered problems at the Department of Labor.

Before moving to Albuquerque, Maria worked at KIMA in Yakima, Washington for two years.

During her off-time, she likes to surf or snowboard with her two sons.

Her goal is to travel around the world, including surfing in Australia.

Recent Stories By Maria

college closing

Anthem College’s Financial Troubles Could Force Sacramento School’s Closure

The letter given to students explains the school filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but was working on getting the high-tech institute bough tout. Now, the school is waiting for the Department of Education to give the stamp of approval.


911 calls

Roseville Proposes $225 911 Tax For Assisted Living Facility Calls

Steve Weinroth runs Sierra Pointe, an assisted-living complex that is one the City Council is looking at charging for 911 calls that don’t end up being medical emergencies.



Some Napa Residents Left Wondering If They’ll Be Able To Come Home

The quake near Napa early Sunday morning forced many out of their homes – and some don’t know if they’ll be able to return.


police shooting Sacramento

Ferguson Shooting Revives Memories Of Similar Sacramento Incident In 1970s

Raymond Brewer, a 15-year-old star athlete, was shot and killed by a Sacramento Police sergeant who thought the teen and his friends were an armed group of robbers. It turns out, Brewer had a broom he used to fend off dogs in the neighborhood.


bright idea lights LED

Davis Residents Will Get Chance To Weigh In On Brightness Of LED Streetlights

City leaders have halted the project and installed several streetlights with different levels of brightness. Now they are asking people to choose how bright they want their city at night.


west nile

UC Berkeley Student’s West Nile Virus Misdiagnosed As Concussion, Meningitis

It may be months before Abbey Murphy is back to normal. It took weeks and several trips to the emergency room, as well as a week-long hospital stay for doctors to discover what was really wrong.


pastor cleared

Manteca Pastor Cleared Of Murder Charges Shares His Side Of Las Vegas Encounter

For the first time, Robert Cox is able to explain in his own words, step-by-step what happened outside a Las Vegas restaurant when he says a total stranger approached him, his wife and youth group.


murder mystery

Family Pleading For Justice In Tracy’s First Murder Since 2012

Darrell Esguerra’s family told police they were celebrating two birthdays, one for a 5-year-old little girl, when just after 1 a.m., six to eight strangers showed up.


special shopping carts

Turlock Grocery Store First In Region To Get Specialized Shopping Carts For Kids With Disabilities

Some families of kids with disabilities say they stop going to the grocery store altogether, because it can get complicated. But they say something as simple as what’s rolling into the Save Mart in Turlock could change all of that.


manteca homeless

Manteca Police Chief Proposing New Rules To Corral Homeless Problem In Parks

For years, families know when they go to Library Park, they’ll be sharing it with the homeless—the families stay on one side and the homeless on the other.


conservation crackdown

Galt City Leaders Putting Pressure On Residents To Cut Water Usage

Starting on Friday, watering your lawn more than three times a week, washing sidewalks or driveways, or using a hose without an automatic shutoff device could mean up to $100 in fines in Galt.


take down four suspects

Stockton Man Fights Off Four Home Burglars After Being Shot In Leg

The suspects kicked open the front door of the home on Tudor Rose Glen at 4 a.m. on Tuesday. When Carlos Soto heard the crash in the middle of the night, he walked out of his bedroom and found burglars at his front door.