Marianne McClary

Marianne McClary

Marianne McClary

Twitter: @GoodDayMarianne

Marianne McClary is the co-anchor of “Good Day Sacramento”, the valley’s top-rated morning news and information program, which has been on the air since 1995.

With the ink barely dry on her college diploma, she got an internship at Fox station KCPQ-TV in Tacoma, Washington, running teleprompter and writing news updates. They hired her on, but disbanded its news department three years later.

She landed her first full-time anchoring gig in Kennewick, Washington at KNDU-TV — a funeral home converted to a television station (some say the place was haunted). From there, it was off to the bright lights of Las Vegas at ABC station KTNV-TV, followed by the Phoenix desert for a four-year stint as weekend anchor on NBC affiliate KPNX-TV where she was nominated for three Emmy® awards.

In July of 1995, in an effort to evade the Arizona heat, Marianne flew to Sacramento to interview for what she thought was a host position for a nighttime TV call-in show. Unenthusiastic about that prospect, she quickly learned it was the secret start of the program that would be come “Good Day Sacramento”. She jumped onboard the fledgling show, packing up her house and moving to Northern California to launch the then three-hour morning newscast. Since its start in 1995, “Good Day Sacramento” has expanded twice – and is now a live 5½-hour program.

Marianne grew up in Seattle and is the oldest of three kids, all girls. Being a bridesmaid eight times, finally paid off! Marianne was married in April 2007. She and her husband Scott live in Carmichael with their feline dependents, Mushi and Suki.


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