Sam Shane

Sam Shane graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in journalism. He’s spent more than 20 years traveling across the country working for TV stations and covering major news events. He started in Duluth, Minn., and later in his career he worked at KCRA-TV in Sacramento, KGO-TV in San Francisco, at the Fox affiliate in Seattle and as an anchor at MSNBC.

Twitter: @samshane

Sam has covered major stories like the L.A. riots, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the capture of the Unabomber. He’s interviewed a variety of political figures and leaders including a president and a number of U.S. senators. In addition to reporting international, national and local news stories throughout his career, he also written and produced an award-winning investigative series on the failures of government officials during the 1997 floods in Northern California.

Sam has also written a children’s book called “Rocky The Mudhen.”

Sam is married and is the father of two kids – a boy and a girl. In his spare time, Sam enjoys golfing, skiing, reading, writing and cooking.

Getting Answers: Sam Shane

1) How long have you lived in Northern California? 18 years

2) Where are you from originally? I grew up in Hastings, Minnesota and graduated college from the University of Minnesota

3) Do you have any siblings? One brother and one sister

4) Do you have any pets? A dog named Fenway and a cat named Moxie

5) iPhone or Android? Android

6) What’s your favorite app? A variety of news apps

8) What’s your favorite thing about working in news? It’s topical, interesting and constantly evolving

9) What’s your favorite past time? Golf, baseball & working in the yard

10) Who’s the person you most admire? A leader who is not afraid to do what’s right, a humble hero and those who work long days and nights to pay the bills and support their families

11) What’s the one place you’d like to visit that you’ve never been to before? Europe

12) What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited? Hawaii & Carmel

13) If you were stranded on a desert island, and had the chance to take just one item with you, what would it be? A saw to cut down trees for fuel, to make tools and build housing.

14) What’s your favorite line of dialogue from a movie? “There’s no crying in baseball!” & “You can’t handle the truth!”

15) What do you do for exercise? Boot Camp, bike, walk & golf

16) What food could you not live without? Fresh food

17) What’s your favorite Northern California attraction? Ocean, NapaValley, PebbleBeach & Lake Tahoe

18) Where’s the strangest/farthest place you’ve been recognized? In an airport in the heart of the Midwest

19) At what age did you decide you were interested in news? Somewhere around the age of 10 I became very interested in newspapers, TV news and journalism

18) What’s the world’s biggest question that you’d like to find the answer to? Can we, will we, achieve peace on earth?

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