Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez has been a proud member of the CBS13 news team for nearly a decade, now. Hired to launch Sacramento’s only local news at 4 p.m., he continues to bring viewers their first afternoon news of the day, including breaking news at it happens.

Tony also is one of our primary reporters for our evening newscasts. His “Getting Answers: Road Tours” can be seen weekly during our 10 p.m. news. A native of Los Angeles (don’t worry, he’s not a Lakers fan), Tony has worked for stations in California, Texas and Colorado. He’s been in the business for more than 25 years.

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Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez

First and foremost, Tony is a husband and father. He and his wife have been married more than 20 years, and keep busy raising a growing teenager.

When he’s not working, Tony enjoys running with his dog, coaching youth football, and just enjoying life.

Getting Answers with Tony Lopez

1. How long have you lived in Northern California?  This is my second stint in Nor Cal. I was here in the early 90’s and now, for the last 7 + years. So, combined..close to a decade.

2. Where are you from originally?  I’m pretty sure my Mother gave birth to me about 47 years ago in the Los Angeles area.

3. Do you have any siblings?  I have more siblings than Morgan Freeman has freckles. Okay, not really, but I’m the youngest of 8!

4. iPhone or Android?  I have an I-Phone.

5. What’s your favorite app?  Probably my Major League Baseball App so I can watch games and highlights when I’m supposed to be reading the news on set.

6. What’s your favorite thing about working in news?  I’ve always wanted to wear make-up everyday and this gives me the chance to do that and not feel really weird about it.  Seriously, the job is something different everyday. It’s never boring.

7. What’s your favorite book?  I like “Go Dog Go”. How’d all those dogs get on that tree?

8. What’s your favorite movie?  Shawshank Redemption cuz it reminds me never to give up when life doesn’t look so good.

9. What’s your favorite TV show?  Amazing Race and my wife is really mad we can’t try out for it since I work for CBS. We’d totally win..or she would totally kill me during the race. It would make for some good T.V.

10. Who is your favorite band?  I’m old school: Tom Petty, Earth Wind and Fire, Johnny Cash

11. What was your favorite concert?  The Wiggles were pretty good but I’d say Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

12. What’s the one thing about you that would surprise us?  I’m writing a Musical/Comedy, A Sitcom Pilot, and I can play the harmonica with my nose.

13. What’s your favorite past time?  Is drinking wine by my pool a past-time? If not, then going to the ballpark and watching some baseball

14. If you could drive any car – what would it be?  If a Smart Car really makes people smarter, then I’d hop into one of those. If not, then probably a classic Mustang.

15. Who’s the person you most admire?  Christina Anderson for her ability to sit next to me 5 days a week and not strangle me.

16. What’s your favorite quote?  “Life is too short, and so am I.”

17. What’s the one place you’d like to visit that you’ve never been to before?  The Amalfi Coast in Italy

18. What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?  Maui

19. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever overheard someone say?  That’s what she said.

20. Who’s your favorite actor/actress?  Jessica Rabbit

21. What’s your favorite line of dialogue from a movie?  Any scene in Goodfellas

22. What do you do for exercise?  Lift weights, run with my dog, yoga, kayak, anything outdoors.

23. What food could you not live without?  Pasta

24. What’s your favorite Northern California attraction?  My wife!  J

25. Where’s the strangest/farthest place you’ve been recognized?  I was recognized by a CHP officer who pulled me over after mistakenly thinking I was speeding.

26. At what age did you decide you were interested in news?  I was 4 and had to stop what I was doing to watch my brother on T.V. Los Angeles.

27. What’s the world’s biggest question that you’d like to find the answer to?  Why is there an expiration date on Sour Cream?

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