Categories: Local News Politics
  1. jerseybadger says:

    why,this man is an absolute jerk and once again the people have made a mistake and voted him in.

  2. rm56 says:

    He actually put his hand on a Bible and it did not burst into flames? Amazing! ITS GONNA HAPPEN WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. People who believe this guy are the new definition of stupid.

  3. laura says:

    The people? You are joking right??? The people who are voting him in are the ones he has already paid off…our people didn’t vote for him, of course our votes are not heard much ….were a small community in northern california !!!

  4. cowtownferret says:

    I think the people of San Fran voted him in just to get him out of their city. at least as Lt. Gov he wont be able to do much.

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