• Sports Photos of the Week Ending 4/23/18
  1. jed says:

    This so called disaster did Cresent City a favor ….this harbor looked like a grave yard of old rusty relics…boats that were old their last leg!!!

  2. rmcsticks says:

    They knew it was coming and yet the boat owners did nothing, and Jed your right this harbor is a eye soar and the boat owners should be charged for the clean up by the EPA

  3. conserver1 says:

    Charge Japan!

  4. Vixletvixen says:

    Crescent City gets a tsunami whenever someone spits in the Pacific.

    It is true the harbor is an eyesore full of old rusty relics. But most of them put out to sea where they were safe before the wave hit. They didn’t have time to move the docks and harbor.

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