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Germany Debates Effects Of Value Added Tax

Have An Endless Summer

Delicious food and drink recipes to enjoy summer produce now and all year long


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Work Styles Across the Country and Around the World

Want two months vacation? A three-day weekend every weekend? An afternoon nap break? Maybe all you need to do is switch jobs…


have fun

Indulge Your Inner Know-It-All: Labor Day Edition

Labor Day facts to make you the Resident Smarty Pants at your weekend BBQ


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Summer Rewind

A look back at the great movies, music and books that came out this Summer and a preview of what we can look forward to this Fall



Best Local Music Venues In Sacramento


(credit: parks.ca.gov)

Guide to Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

Eureka! When James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 near present day Coloma, it sparked one of the greatest mass movements of people the world has seen, the California Gold Rush.


(credit: parks.ca.gov)

Guide To Big Trees State Park

The world thought it was a myth, that these giant trees had been discovered in California. The groves of sequoias were discovered by a hunter in 1852 and continue to be visited by tourists from all over the world.


(credit: parks.gov.ca)

Guide To Columbia State Historic Park

Travel back in time to Columbia to see the Gold Rush-era town that is frozen in the 1850′s.


(credit: parks.ca.gov)

Guide To Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park

Malakoff Diggins is one of California’s lesser known state parks. At the park, on a winding road 26 miles northeast of Nevada City, visitors can see the huge cliffs carved out by the streams of water used to wash away the mountain to find gold.


(credit: sierrarailroad.com)

Best of Northern California Day Train Trips

All aboard! These great Northern California train rides take you through scenic landscapes. You can enjoy dinner, drinks and great views.


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Glamour recommends just wearing ONE plaid piece for this fall trend...although most designers went for a head-to-toe plaid look.

Fall 2011′s Most Wearable Trends

Glamour Magazine came up with a list of this fall’s most stylish – and least scary – trends of the fall. These are wearable trends that anyone can try!

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Fashion Trends to Fall Into

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