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Dinny the Apatosaurus is one of two large dinosaurs built by Claude Bell near the town of Cabazon, CA.  Dinny is 150 feet long and 45 feet high with a gift shop inside. (credit: CatchPenny/Flickr)

Weird And Unique California Attractions

From gargantuan games to oversized fruit, California has its share of odd attractions. Here are just a few.

Deer in the snow in Somerset from Gina

Low Snow In March

A cold March storm dropped snow to some of the lowest levels we’ve seen this winter. Here are some pictures from CBS13 viewers.

Pocket Area tree topples

March Wind Damage

Windy weather toppled several trees in the Valley and tossed around unsecured items!

(credit: CBS Viewer)

January Storm

After weeks of dry weather, winter has finally arrived!

Jim from Loomis sent these pictures in of a Mama bear and her three cubs wandering through his property. He says the bears have been getting into a neighbor’s chicken coop and a neighbor’s garbage can. They also seem undisturbed when he came out with his camera. (credit: Jim Paclik)

Loomis Bears

Loomis resident Jim Paclik shot these photos of a mother black bear and three bear cubs.

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