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Call Kurtis Investigates: Are TVs At Best Buy Really On Sale?

LG’s website shows it’s suggested the price for the same TV is $2,999.99. But Best Buy claims you’ll save two grand for it.


Call Kurtis Investigates: Mom Says Dentist Used Controversial Restraint on her 7-Year-Old

Mother Julie Pinon wants the state to investigate a dentist after she says her 7-year-old left the office with marks on his face, broken blood vessels on his chest and dried blood in his ear.


Call Kurtis: Gifting a Massage for Mother’s Day? What You Need To Know

With $55 left on the card she wanted another one. When she called to schedule an appointment she was told she’d have to pay double.


Call Kurtis Investigates: Medical Board Looking Into Claims of Fixing HIV & Cancer, Following CBS13 Investigation

CBS13 found former Chiropractor Dr. James Lovelace and his wife Margaret Mary seeing people inside a Rancho Cordova Hotel room at the Fairfield Marriott.


Call Kurtis Undercover: Incredible Claims of Fixing HIV, Cancer and Rebuilding Heart Valves

With three hidden cameras trained on her, our team was surprised to capture the many ways Margaret Mary claims to have helped people.


Call Kurtis: Someone Opened A Cellphone Account In My Name

When Carlson called Verizon, he says they told him he couldn’t close the account, because his Social Security number didn’t match the one they had on file.


Call Kurtis: Why You May Not Want to Say a Word During an Unexpected Call

Wayne Bunce Jr. remembers the call he received when someone on the other end of the line claimed to be from his phone company with a survey. But then, he noticed bizarre charges on his AT&T phone bill


Call Kurtis: Where’s The Company That Offered Lifetime Warranty On My $25,000 Windows?

Both Weatherite and the window manufacturer Superior Engineered Products are no longer around. The contact information listed on the paperwork goes no-where.


Call Kurtis Investigates: What You Should Know Before Switching Cellphone Companies

Competition among cellphone companies is stiff, and some companies are making incredible offers just to get you to switch over.


Call Kurtis: Why Did My New Sears Oven Show Up Dirty?

Two weeks after the oven was delivered, Ganas’ contractor installed the Kenmore convection oven. She says she opened it and found grease, burnt food, and grime on the window.


Call Kurtis Investigates: How Did My Face End Up On A Hair Dye Box?

Brown had her picture taken may years ago as a favor for her hairstylist then years later her face ends up on the shelf selling hair dye.


Call Kurtis Investigates: Rep. Bera Won’t Wait On IRS in Lawn Rebate Tax Battle

When pressed how long he’d wait for a response from the IRS, he said he and other federal lawmakers have legislation ready to go.