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cell tower

Call Kurtis: Millions of MetroPCS Phones Could Stop Working After Cell Tower Upgrades

Every MetroPCS customer who bought a phone before last July will eventually need to replace their phones, a company spokesperson confirmed to Call Kurtis.


Gift Cards

Call Kurtis Undercover: California’s Gift Card Refund Law

More than six years after California’s gift card refund law went into effect, not all stores are following the law, a Call Kurtis undercover investigation has learned.


Fico scores

Call Kurtis: Discover FICO Scores Called Into Question

Credit Expert and Author of “The Road to 850″ Al Bingham says he’s never seen a perfect FICO score. Bingham who is also a loan officer pulled Craig’s Classic FICO score, and found it was 812. Moegel also purchased his credit score in early May through MyFICO.com and found it was 777.



Call Kurtis: How To Hide Your House On Google Street View

Living in a world of shrinking privacy, Walt Babigan was worried crooks could scope out his home using a now ubiquitous technology: Google Street View.



Call Kurtis: City Admits Overcharging Some Customers For Trash Cans

Lavoie learned last year the City of Manteca has been charging him too much each month for the past six years on trash service.



Call Kurtis: Plane Ticket Typos — Will They Leave Me Grounded?

Rebecca Buchmiller booked with online travel agency CheapCaribbean.com, but the itinerary that came back incorrectly spelled their last name “Buhmiller.”



Call Kurtis: After Loved One Passed Away, Dell Won’t Send Her Refund Check

The company refuses to refund money it owes his late girlfriend’s estate, he said, after years fighting the company to get the check.


Car Insurance Conflict

Call Kurtis: Airline Wants Original Receipts to Replace Lost Luggage

Many of us worry about an airline losing our luggage — but how many of us have receipts for all the stuff in our bag?


Jimmy Price of Modesto said another driver opened her door into the side of his truck as he was pulling into a parking spot. The other driver's insurance company believes Price is at fault, and sent him to collections for the damage to the other driver's car.

Call Kurtis: When Insurance Companies Can’t Agree On Who’s At Fault

Jimmy Price thought his insurance would have him covered, but months after the accident, the insurance companies don’t agree on who caused the accident.


Mugshot extortion

Call Kurtis Investigates: Mug Shot Extortion

Never charged with a crime, people across the country are finding their mug shots on the web and some web sites are demanding money to take them down.


Clayton Ireton, 27, narrowly escaped his own death when two big rigs blocked an icy highway in Amarillo several days before Thanksgiving. Ireton's 42-year-old aunt, Tracy Jones, was killed in the crash.

Call Kurtis: What Can Rental Car Companies Charge If You Get In a Crash?

Driving through Texas to visit family a week before Thanksgiving, 27-year-old Clayton Ireton said two semi trucks collided right in front of the rental car on an icy highway. He said the rental car company kept billing him at the daily rate.


Connie Salinas of Sacramento shows a large rip in the collar of her daughter's shirt. Salinas said her Kenmore Elite washer destroys clothes, but Sears won't replace it.

Call Kurtis: Store Won’t Replace Recalled Washer That Rips Clothes

After two years and eight service visits, the washer is still clanging, wasting water and destroying her family’s clothes, a Sacramento mother of two told Call Kurtis.