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Call Kurtis: United Booked Minor, Then Wouldn’t Let Him Fly

United Airlines wouldn’t let 11-year-old Adam Handal onto a plane with his 15-year-old sister — even though the airline booked them both their flights over the phone!



Call Kurtis: Why Is It Taking So Long To Get My DMV Legacy Plates?

Working to restore his 1968 Firebird, Tony Mayorga was among the first to pre-order a 60’s style black and yellow California license plate, when the DMV announced in 2013 they may bring back the legacy plates.


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Call Kurtis Investigates: Thieves Can Use Smartphones to Clone Your Keys

I decide to test it out with my own house key. San Francisco based requires you to upload images from the front and back of the key. The cost is $6 for the first key which you can pay by credit card. Within three days, my key arrives. I test it out with my home, and it let me in with no problem.


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Call Kurtis Investigates: Massage Envy Stripped Me Of My Massages

Robert Oates said Massage Envy told him he can’t access his 35 massages unless he pays to become a member again. A Call Kurtis Investigation found as many as 130,000 Californians, like Robert, involved in a class action lawsuit filed against Massage Envy.



Call Kurtis: My Plane Made An Emergency Landing, Why Can’t I Rebook?

Leonard Sperandeo American Airlines’ flight made an emergency landing in Wichita, Kansas. Everyone had to rebook their flights, but he said there was only one ticket agent for a line of 150 passengers.


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Call Kurtis: Roseville Couple Helps Expose Nationwide Flaw on Southwest Airlines Website

When they alerted the airline, they were told a second room would cost hundreds more than the other couple was willing to spend, but Les says the airline refused to refund the other couple’s airline tickets.



Call Kurtis: Tow Truck Damaged My Car During a Tow

No one likes being in a car wreck, but when a tow truck comes to your aid, what happens if they leave even more damage?



Call Kurtis: Why You Could Lose Your Reward Points

Donna Salierno said her credit card took away her reward points when she found a fraudulent charge. When the company wouldn’t return them, it was time to Call Kurtis.


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Squeeze Inn Owner Falls Victim To Scammer Claiming He Was From PG&E

Someone called Travis Hausauer claiming they were from Pacific Gas & Electric and that they were on their way to the Squeeze Inn to shut off the gas.



Call Kurtis: Why Your Warranty May Not Last As Long As You Think

Often when you buy something, there’s a warranty. But when Louis Margolies said the three-year warranty for their recliners expired early, it was time to Call Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: Prepaid Cell Company Won’t Refund Account Balance After I Left!

Some cell companies want you to pre-pay for service, but Mary Kay Sager called Kurtis when her company refused to refund money she paid in advance.



Call Kurtis: How Do I Know If My Appliance A Lemon?

Rose Sandoval said the refrigerator she bought two years ago has had to be fixed every couple months. Is it a lemon?