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Call Kurtis: Need to Rebook a Flight? Why Your Travel Credit May Not Last As Long As You Think

When United Airlines told Greg Reichhold his $633 air travel credit had already expired, it was time to Call Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: Company Says Driveway Crack Is Fixed, But It’s Still Here!

A contractor insists Barbara Foy’s cracked driveway is now fixed — but Call Kurtis found that simply wasn’t true.



Call Kurtis: Travel Insurance Won’t Cover Cancellations Due To Unrest In Ukraine

A Fairfield mother bought travel insurance for her trip to Ukraine before protests and deadly clashes broke out. Now her insurance won’t cover it.


Sharynne Macon shows the parking spot where her car was parked on May 5. Her apartment complex towed the vehicle for being parked in the wrong place, despite a map indicating she could park next to this dumpster.

Call Kurtis: Apartment Complex Wrongly Towed Our Cars!

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Renters say their apartment complex towed their cars, even though they parked in the right spots. When the apartment manager refused to refund them their tow fees, it was time to Call [...]


Call Kurtis RT

Call Kurtis: My Car Was Vandalized; Why Won’t RT Take My Report?

When Gerry called RT, he said the person who answered told him to go online to RT’s web page, under the police services section, and file a crime report. But there was nothing there.



Call Kurtis: Dealer Sold Me SUV With Sponge In Engine

A filthy sponge soaking up leaking engine fluids wasn’t what Shantel Hawkins expected to find in the 2002 Ford Explorer she’d just purchased.


Police ticketed 66 cars for parking on an "unimproved surface" during a Sacramento River Cats baseball game at Raley Field May 17. Michael Orr claimed a parking attendant directed cars to park on the unpaved area outside this parking lot.

Call Kurtis: Police Ticket 66 Cars at River Cats Game for ‘Parking On Unimproved Surface’

Fans attending a weekend River Cats game in May claim they parked where the parking attendant guided them — but were greeted by $45 parking tickets when they returned to their cars after the game.


Interest rate

Call Kurtis: Company Messed Up My Refi — Where’s My Money?

Leah Prior’s lender agreed to lower her interest rate four years ago but now realizes her balance is about $10,000 higher than it should be.


cell tower

Call Kurtis: Millions of MetroPCS Phones Could Stop Working After Cell Tower Upgrades

Every MetroPCS customer who bought a phone before last July will eventually need to replace their phones, a company spokesperson confirmed to Call Kurtis.


Gift Cards

Call Kurtis Undercover: California’s Gift Card Refund Law

More than six years after California’s gift card refund law went into effect, not all stores are following the law, a Call Kurtis undercover investigation has learned.


Fico scores

Call Kurtis: Discover FICO Scores Called Into Question

Credit Expert and Author of “The Road to 850″ Al Bingham says he’s never seen a perfect FICO score. Bingham who is also a loan officer pulled Craig’s Classic FICO score, and found it was 812. Moegel also purchased his credit score in early May through and found it was 777.



Call Kurtis: How To Hide Your House On Google Street View

Living in a world of shrinking privacy, Walt Babigan was worried crooks could scope out his home using a now ubiquitous technology: Google Street View.