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kurtis trash

Call Kurtis: City Forgets to Bill for Trash for 2 Years; Sends Large Bill

He says he called the City of Elk Grove to set up trash and service and says he was told it would automatically transfer into his name.



Call Kurtis: My $1,600 Purebred Puppy Never Showed Up

Within days he got an email from Felton Cargo Delivery Service demanding he wire $980.76 for a life insurance policy on the puppy.


dog call kurtis

Call Kurtis: The Shelter Gave Away the Dog I Adopted; How Did They Know Who It Belonged to?

Arisha says an animal shelter clerk told her the dog’s real owner claimed her. Arisha wants to know how they know it’s the original owner.


kruti ss

Call Kurtis Investigates: Why Wasn’t $50K Reward Paid in Councilman Matt Garcia’s Murder?

The Governor’s $50,000 reward which has sat in California’s general fund was never paid to anyone.



Call Kurtis: Should I Have to Leave CA to Get My Lasik Lifetime Plan Honored?

David cannot clearly see his 3-year-old son, Sterling from 15 feet away even after investing in Lasik surgery six years ago.


kurtis red light

Call Kurtis: Who Pays If Someone Gets a Red Light Camera Ticket Driving Your Car?

She says she can’t tell who was behind the wheel saying as many as four others drove her car that day. However, she got stuck with the $480 ticket.



Call Kurtis Investigates: How Far Some Landlords Will Go To Background You

A Sacramento single mom says a property manager went too far backgrounding her, when she applied to rent a house and had an unexpected stranger at the door.


kurtis drive

Call Kurtis: I’m a Good Driver. Where’s My Allstate Bonus Check?

Retiree Phyllis Thompson says she’s been with Allstate since the 1980s and says she hasn’t had an accident in decades.


bathroom kurtis

Call Kurtis Investigation: Bathroom Glass Exploding Without Warning

Fran’s bathroom sink had jagged edges where the glass used to connect to the drain, razor sharp spikes in the same sink where her family washed their faces and brushed their teeth.


kurtis recall

Call Kurtis Investigates: I Can’t Get My Recalled Car Fixed, What Do I Do?

Every time Laura Byers backs out of her driveway she’s afraid, she’s putting her life at risk.


kurtis fire

Call Kurtis Investigates: Some Jeep & Dodge SUVs Are Catching Fire After Recall Repairs

The Hanson family brought their 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee into the dealer for a recall repair expecting to take away the danger.



Call Kurtis: That’s My 1949 World Series Ring!

Not too many people can say they personally knew a World Series champion from 1949, and even fewer can say they own a World Series ring. But John Tomasello of Cameron Park can.


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