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State Capitol

Call Kurtis Investigates: State Bill Aims to Simplify Pet Insurance Coverage

A new state bill that would simplify terms for pet insurance policies is advancing through the state legislature, aiming to keep the $750-million industry on a shorter leash.


davis bride

Call Kurtis: My Fiancé Died And Wedding Venue Owner Refuses To Refund My Wedding Deposit

In January, Amanda’s fiancé, Bryson, was killed trying to cross I-80 after his car broke down. CBS13 was on scene the day of the tragic accident.


Liz Perry shows Call Kurtis where her microwave was installed in her kitchen. All that remains on her wall is the gray, metal bracket that used to hold the microwave in place.

Call Kurtis: My Microwave Repairman Won’t Put My Microwave Back In

Liz Perry used her home warranty to fix her microwave, but when repairman left a giant hole in her kitchen, it was time to Call Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: FedEx Broke My Antique Chair, Then Refused To Pay My Insurance Claim

Jamie Meredith said FedEx damaged her antique chair and wouldn’t pay her insurance claim. “It looks like someone threw it,” she said.


home warranty kurtis

Call Kurtis Investigates: Home Warranty Company Operates Illegally in California

Ernie Hills of Sacramento says when his stove quit working, Colonial Home Warranty offered him a $35 buyout, saying the expensive part wasn’t available.


Vacation rental

Call Kurtis: Fake Vacation Rental Scam Uses Real Name

Jay agreed, so Tim sent him half the money, $1050, via PayPal. But, he said the person on the other end of the emails quit responding, and Tim thought he was out his money,


Sacramento Metro Fire Deputy Chief Chris Holbrook admitted the fire tax was a clerical error, but told Call Kurtis the agency couldn't return wrongly collected taxes from more than four years ago. A bill written by Assemblyman Ken Cooley authorized the agency to return all the money it wrongly collected.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Sacramento Metro Fire Begins Refunding Homeowners $1.3M In Wrongly Collected Taxes

Property owners across Rancho Cordova are finally getting their refund checks after a Call Kurtis investigation uncovered a fire district planned not to return $1.3 million in taxes collected illegally.



Call Kurtis: Need to Rebook a Flight? Why Your Travel Credit May Not Last As Long As You Think

When United Airlines told Greg Reichhold his $633 air travel credit had already expired, it was time to Call Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: Company Says Driveway Crack Is Fixed, But It’s Still Here!

A contractor insists Barbara Foy’s cracked driveway is now fixed — but Call Kurtis found that simply wasn’t true.



Call Kurtis: Travel Insurance Won’t Cover Cancellations Due To Unrest In Ukraine

A Fairfield mother bought travel insurance for her trip to Ukraine before protests and deadly clashes broke out. Now her insurance won’t cover it.


Sharynne Macon shows the parking spot where her car was parked on May 5. Her apartment complex towed the vehicle for being parked in the wrong place, despite a map indicating she could park next to this dumpster.

Call Kurtis: Apartment Complex Wrongly Towed Our Cars!

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Renters say their apartment complex towed their cars, even though they parked in the right spots. When the apartment manager refused to refund them their tow fees, it was time to Call [...]


Call Kurtis RT

Call Kurtis: My Car Was Vandalized; Why Won’t RT Take My Report?

When Gerry called RT, he said the person who answered told him to go online to RT’s web page, under the police services section, and file a crime report. But there was nothing there.