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bathroom kurtis

Call Kurtis Investigation: Bathroom Glass Exploding Without Warning

Fran’s bathroom sink had jagged edges where the glass used to connect to the drain, razor sharp spikes in the same sink where her family washed their faces and brushed their teeth.


kurtis recall

Call Kurtis Investigates: I Can’t Get My Recalled Car Fixed, What Do I Do?

Every time Laura Byers backs out of her driveway she’s afraid, she’s putting her life at risk.


kurtis fire

Call Kurtis Investigates: Some Jeep & Dodge SUVs Are Catching Fire After Recall Repairs

The Hanson family brought their 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee into the dealer for a recall repair expecting to take away the danger.



Call Kurtis: That’s My 1949 World Series Ring!

Not too many people can say they personally knew a World Series champion from 1949, and even fewer can say they own a World Series ring. But John Tomasello of Cameron Park can.


call kurtis hours

Call Kurtis: Getting Paid for Late or No-Show Repairmen

A self-employed Stockton woman says she was forced to shut down her nail and massage business, to wait for a Sears’ technician get her washing machine fixed.


kurtis loan

Call Kurtis: I Paid My College Debt, So Why Is The Government Taking My Tax Refund?

McGuire says she paid off her student loan in 2012 with a cashier’s check, eliminating her student debt for good. “No more debt, that’s a huge check $13,613,” said McGuire.


kurtis ebay

Call Kurtis: Blacklisted From eBay And Nobody Will Tell Me Why

She wanted to know why her account was suspended but when she called she said eBay would not tell her and told her not to ask again.


kurtis contract

Call Kurtis: I Gave My Contractor $7,000, Then He Vanished

What the homeowner did not realize was the person he hired was a licensed contractor when he used him before but the state had since stripped him of his license.


kurtis parking

Call Kurtis: For Sale Sign Caused My Car to Get Towed While I Shopped

He says a half hour later after shopping at a Rite Aid and PetSmart on Watt Avenue, he came outside to find his car towed because the tow company said “for sale signs” are not allowed.


kurtis dating service

Call Kurtis: Dating Service Wouldn’t Let Me Cancel My $1,250 Contract

Lynn says they initially wanted $4,000, but dropped the price to $1,250 for four dates. Soon after signing the contract, Lynn says she regretted it.


vomit kurtis

Call Kurtis: I Found a Filled Barf Bag In the Seatback Pocket On My Flight

While handing it to the United Airlines flight attendant, Janet says the vomit got on both her and her husband’s clothes.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Rental Website Offers Homes Not for Rent

In order to get the landlord’s contact information, Faith had to pay $29.95. When she called, she says she was surprised at what she heard.


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