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Call Kurtis: Tow Truck Damaged My Car During a Tow

No one likes being in a car wreck, but when a tow truck comes to your aid, what happens if they leave even more damage?



Call Kurtis: Why You Could Lose Your Reward Points

Donna Salierno said her credit card took away her reward points when she found a fraudulent charge. When the company wouldn’t return them, it was time to Call Kurtis.


squeeze inn

Squeeze Inn Owner Falls Victim To Scammer Claiming He Was From PG&E

Someone called Travis Hausauer claiming they were from Pacific Gas & Electric and that they were on their way to the Squeeze Inn to shut off the gas.



Call Kurtis: Why Your Warranty May Not Last As Long As You Think

Often when you buy something, there’s a warranty. But when Louis Margolies said the three-year warranty for their recliners expired early, it was time to Call Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: Prepaid Cell Company Won’t Refund Account Balance After I Left!

Some cell companies want you to pre-pay for service, but Mary Kay Sager called Kurtis when her company refused to refund money she paid in advance.



Call Kurtis: How Do I Know If My Appliance A Lemon?

Rose Sandoval said the refrigerator she bought two years ago has had to be fixed every couple months. Is it a lemon?


call kurtis tickets

Call Kurtis: I Don’t Drive, FasTrak, So Stop Ticketing Me!

CBS13 has learned the dealership that sold the Acura, confused two Joyce Silva’s. Acura of Pleasanton says it sold the car to Joyce F. Silva of Pleasanton, but registered it by mistake to Joyce S. Silva of Manteca who was in their database because she once bought a car from a neighboring Lexus dealership which shares a database.


pool problems

Call Kurtis: Fix My Concrete

The backyard used to be Jan Cumming’s pride and joy. But, now she only sees a big concrete eyesore around the pool.


unlisted numbers

Call Kurtis Investigates: Comcast Published 74,000 Unlisted Phone Numbers

Comcast has since admitted over a 2 1/2 year span between July 2010 and December 2012, it listed 74,000 unlisted phone numbers by mistake.


recalled cars

Call Kurtis Investigates: CarMax Under Fire For Selling Recalled Cars

Angela Davidson says she was sold when the CarMax sales associate told her the 2010 Dodge Ram she was looking to buy passed the company’s 125+ point inspection. Days later, when she called Dodge for help pairing her cellphone to the truck, she was surprised to learn it had an unfixed recall over a rear axle issue.


va problems

Call Kurtis: Why Did the V.A.Take $9,000 From Veterans’ Widow’s Bank Account

Six years after her husband, an army war veteran died, the V.A. took 9-grand out of Susan Goodwin’s bank account. She says it happened without warning or explanation.


sprint bad service

Call Kurtis: Viewer Fed Up Over Spotty Sprint Service During Upgrades

Viewer Erin Stover says her cell service started getting spotty a year ago. She says some calls just won’t go through and she’s experienced up to three dropped calls a day.