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Film Reviews Blog: ‘For A Good Time, Call…’

Dirty jokes have never been presented in such a cute manner as “For A Good Time, Call…”


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Words’ Lacks Energy

“The Words” is a visually wonderful film that unfortunately falls flat in its story telling as it tries to be inspiring.


Film Reviews Blog: Sacramento Film & Music Festival Highlights Local Talent

It’s lights, camera, action, as the 13th Annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival kicks off its Summerfest.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Campaign’ Is Funny Politics

“The Campaign” is a welcoming political satire that mocks the current state of American politics.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Bourne Legacy’ Nothing New

The fourth film in the Bourne franchise shows that a series can continue without the title character, but don’t expect it to out shine the previous films.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘Ruby Sparks’ Shines With Charm

“Ruby Sparks” is sweet, dark, and an interesting story of the human imagination.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘Total Recall’ Forgetful Remake

This remake does nothing more than prove that Hollywood has gotten lazy and tired.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Watch’ A Don’t See

If you smoke pot and like idiotic one-liners and phallic-driven jokes, then “The Watch” is the must-see film of the year!


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is A Fitting End

The triumph of “The Dark Knight Rises” is how it builds off the previous films and develops the characters in an all too real manner.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Needs To Sink

In this poor sequel, “Ice Age: Continental Drift” floats far away from the characters that made the first film so fun to watch.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Spins New Web

“The Amazing Spider-Man” not only spins the character in a new light, but it also sheds some comic book history.


Film Reviews Blog: ‘Ted’ Is Bearable

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has found great success in mixing the improbable with the “real world,” and “Ted” follows that same formula with the living teddy bear.