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On The Money: CalPERS Awards Pharmacy Contract To Firm Accused of Fraud

Would you do business with a firm accused of defrauding you? The state of California is doing just that, CBS13 has learned, thanks to a viewer tip.


On The Money: Prison Doctor On Probation Among Highest-Paid State Employees

One of California’s highest-paid state employees is a medical doctor now facing disciplinary action after being accused of incompetence by the Medical Board of California.


On The Money: Unemployment Penalty

California employers will be paying higher taxes this year – and many will be surprised to find out the feds are asking them to dig deeper into their pockets.


On The Money: Failure To File

Several California cities face thousands of dollars in penalties for failing to disclose just how much their government workers are making on the job. The cities include Amador and Ione in Amador County and Oakdale in Stanislaus County.


On The Money: Undelivered Refund Checks

California wants to return millions of dollars in tax refunds, but tax collectors have been unable to find thousands of people who deserve them.


On The Money: Millionaires Collect Billions in Taxpayer Money

You could call it welfare for the well-off. Taxpayers in America are literally giving billions to people who make millions. That’s right, millionaires are collecting welfare.


On The Money: Property Fight In Rancho Cordova

Taxpayers could be out millions of dollars in a big battle over property rights. But in this case, the decision by Rancho Cordova redevelopment officials to use eminent domain could come back to haunt them.


On The Money: Judges Blow Whistle On State Agency’s Hiring

Courthouse delays are more common now because of staffing shortages. But an On The Money investigation has discovered that one government agency — the Administrative Office of the Courts — is growing despite a statewide hiring freeze.


On The Money: Empty Lot Costs Taxpayers $400 Million

Taxpayers shelled out $400 million for an empty lot that’s been vacant for 10 years.
A California congressman calls it a prime example of government waste.


On The Money: Pension Proposal Triggers War

The battle over public pensions escalated today into a full scale war. One group, California Pension Reform, is willing to spend millions of dollars to change pensions forever. And the $100,000 Pension Club is framing the debate.

CBS13/CW31 Television–11/02/2011

On The Money: $100,000 Pension Club Update

A three-month investigation by CBS 13 reveals the list of retired government workers collecting six-figure pensions has grown by more than 3,000 names in the past year.


On The Money: School Construction Costs

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) may be costing taxpayers millions of dollars. That’s what researchers from the National University Institute for Policy Research are saying about school construction done under the premises of a PLA.