On The Money

On The Money: Diesel Filter Recall

The hard-hit construction industry is taking aim at a California government agency. Critics say the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved equipment now suspected of causing a major forest fire.


On The Money: Solyndra Scandal

California taxpayers may be on the hook twice – for helping out a solar firm that fired its workers and then abruptly shut its doors.


On The Money: Elk Grove’s Welcome Sign Waste?

What’s the point of a welcome sign you can’t see? Some Northern California residents are asking that very question, after the City of Elk Grove bought a welcome sign — a sign that critics say is on the wrong side of the freeway — and taxpayers are the ones paying for it. The new sign, […]

CBS Sacramento–10/04/2011

On The Money: Tax Agencies Late In Paying Bills

A CBS13 investigation reveals scores of state agencies are delinquent in paying their vendors -– racking up more than $5 million in late fees, with taxpayers ultimately on the hook.


On The Money: State’s Late Payment Penalties Cost Taxpayers

California taxpayers are paying millions of dollars in penalties each year – for something they haven’t even done. A CBS 13 investigation reveals the State of California is habitually late in paying its vendors who provide goods and services.


Gerald Parker

On The Money: Cost Of Killing The Death Penalty

Nearly two out every three Americans support the death penalty, but California is paying a high price for keeping prisoners on death row — and not executing them.

CBS Sacramento–09/20/2011

On The Money: Ugly Legal Wranglings In Stockton

Contract negotiations have turned ugly in Stockton — where the city and the police union are entangled in a messy and expensive lawsuit. And ground zero in the fight is the city manager’s maple tree.


On The Money: Legislator Cars

It’s a perk that California politicians have been getting for decades – the use of a taxpayer supported car. But what happens when those state lawmakers no longer want those vehicles?


On The Money: Political Payback For Portantino

Assembly leaders stand accused tonight of misleading the public about how taxpayer dollars are spent. The accusation comes from Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.


On The Money: Unclaimed Davis Funds

The city of Davis owes thousands of dollars to multiple organizations – but the city claims it can’t locate those folks. Yet CBS 13 found several of them in a matter of minutes, including California State University, Sacramento.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

On The Money: Mismanaged State Lands

California has lost millions of dollars in revenue by mismanaging state-owned lands. Those are the findings of a state audit released today.


On The Money: Cramming

Fraudulent phone bills are costing taxpayers thousands of dollars each month, in a scheme known as cramming. The targets in this case are government agencies.