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CBS Sports Blog: Did Junior Take Last Hit For The Team?

The sports world and NFL community was once again rocked and saddened by another apparent suicide of a former player. Junior Seau, the all-pro linebacker and former USC great was found dead of a gunshot wound to the chest in his home in Oceanside, California. While many former players struggle to build a life after […]


CBS Sports Blog: Niners Get Offensive In The Draft

By Frank Luna The San Francisco 49ers made it to the NFC Championship last season on the strength of their defense and in spite of a sometimes lethargic and underperforming offense. This off-season they have managed to keep their defense intact, which allowed them to address their many offensive needs in the draft. Picking up […]


CBS Sports Blog: Giants In Need Of Infield Depth

It hadn’t hurt us until Saturday’s game, but the Giants have almost no infield depth on the active roster.


CBS Sports Blog: Matt Cain Is Worth Every Penny

Coming off two beautiful starts and a huge new contract, Matt Cain is finally getting the respect he deserves.


Sports Blog: Stern Talks Of Cooling Off

It just goes to show that David Stern is who we thought he was. Speaking to the Associated Press, the NBA Commissioner said it might be better for Sacramento officials and the Maloofs to go through a “cooling off” period.


Matt Cain

CBS Sports Blog: SF’s Giant Improvement

After a shaky start to the season, the Giants are returning to form.


CBS Sports Blog: Will Gordon’s Luck Turn Around?

NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon has plenty of ground to make up after a weak start to the season, brought on by a string of bad luck.


CBS Sports Blog Hits The Road: A’s Spring Training In Phoenix

The Athletics try to put it all together in Arizona before they open the season in Japan.


CBS Sports Blog Hits The Road: Giants Spring Training In Arizona

Competition for a spot on the Giants roster heats up as the weather cools down in Arizona.


Sports Blog: Niners ‘Manning’ Up Or Just A Power Play?

Could this be a dream come true for 49er fans or a crafty power play by Harbaugh and company to keep four-time MVP Payton Manning away from the NFC West?


Sports Blog: Some 49er Fans Say ‘No Moss’

Checking through reader comments on the San Francisco 49ers acquiring Randy Moss, the fan reaction seems mixed at best. On one hand, Moss is considered low risk, high reward. If he fails to produce, or worse, his bad side rears its ugly head, the Niners can just cut him. But some fans are concerned with […]


Could San Francisco Be Peyton’s Place?

By Frank Luna If you’re a 36 year-old future Hall of Fame free agent quarterback with, say three good years left in you, what kind of team would you be looking to hook up with? Maybe one with a better than even chance to go deep in the playoffs, and make it to the Super […]