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Tyreke The Defender

By Frank Luna Now that we can put the downtown arena discussion aside for a couple of months, how about a closer look at the players we expect to see on that shinning new floor in 2015. Take Tyreke Evans, former rookie of the year and currently slashing through his third year with the Kings. […]


Thank The Fans…

By Frank Luna After the dust has settled and the power brokers have taken their bows. After the fans and downtown merchants have sung the praises of a game changing deal for the city and downtown, the national media has rendered its verdict on the Kings staying put. They love it. Even leading up to […]


Manny Gets An “A”

By Frank Luna The signing of Manny Ramirez by the Oakland Athletics today means one thing. Sacramento may get to see the celebrated slugger up close at Raley Field before he steps into the batters box in a major league game. That is, of course, after he finishes his 50 game suspension for violating the […]


A Day At The Beach

By Frank Luna Nothing beats a cold Sunday afternoon like watching the worlds greatest golfers going head to head at Pebble Beach. Yes I know Luke Donald and other Europeans are the top ‘ranked’ golfers but Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods sport over a hundred tour victories and sixteen Majors between them. Make no mistake, […]

CBS Sacramento–02/14/2012

A Giant Leap For Niner Fans

By Frank Luna I’m hearing a lot about, what could have been from 49er fans. It seems many of them think the NY Giants’ Super Bowl victory over the Patriots automatically projects the Niners as defacto champions themselves. The overtime loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship game apparently leads some fans to believe […]


Luck Would Have It

By Frank Luna Lots of talk about some questionable play calling in the final moments of the Fiesta Bowl Monday between Stanford and Oklahoma State. It seems some people feel Stanford should have gone for a touchdown in the final minute instead of settling for a short field goal from their shaky freshman kicker. Of […]


Parking Their Differences, Council Gets It Right

By Frank Luna Last night the Sacramento City Council voted to entertain bids to privatize several downtown parking structures and some street parking. Not only does this represent a positive move towards partial funding of a new downtown arena, it also reflects a willingness on the part of Sacramento’s entrenched governing body to at least […]


False Bravado Equals NBA Nuclear Winter

By Frank Luna NBA Commissioner David Stern has warned this could be the start of a ‘NBA nuclear winter’ now that the players representatives have turned down the latest owners ultimatum. But the players leadership has denied its’ rank and file a chance to vote on the proposal. All because they are ‘insulted’ by the […]


“Down Goes Frazier…”

By Frank Luna Howard Cosell’s iconic phrase echoed in my mind all day as I pondered the life and times of Joe Frazier. He could never match the trash talking of Ali, enduring barbs such as “…you’re too ugly to be champ.” And while he couldn’t match the height of many of his opponents, they […]


49er Luck

By Frank Luna Heard an interesting discussion point on ESPN’s PTI program today. They asked,and I’m paraphrasing, Who is more likely to play for a championship this year, the 49ers or Andrew Luck? The answer may not be that simple. While the Niners have to catch lightning in a bottle to knock off both New […]


Impressive Sunday For Raiders and Niners

By Frank Luna I’m not even going to go into what victory Sunday was more impressive, the Raiders or the Niners. It’s safe to say most fans probably pinned a lost on both teams before Sunday unfolded. With the passing of Al Davis on Saturday night, the Raiders needed little incentive to play their hearts […]


Oh, What A Night!

By Frank Luna Casually watching the last night of the baseball regular season I found myself swept up in an improbable drama with all the timing and pacing of a well honed Hollywood script. Not that I had a dog in this fight, seeing my team eliminated weeks ago. But to see Boston go up […]