AFC Championship

Deflategate: Goodell Keeps Ban, Brady Destroys Phone
The Grant Napear Show - May 6, 2015 - Seg 3
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NFL Investigating Whether Patriots Used Deflated Footballs
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KHTK Sports 1140 Championship Sunday Football Viewing Party
Belichick: Welker Tried To 'Take Out' Talib
Manning's Comeback Heads To NYC After Win Over Pats
Keidel: Final Chapter In Manning Vs. Brady?No matter who has the edge Sunday, it seems the nation is rooting for Manning, because it's been harder for him to win, because he's not so pretty, because he's considered one of us, because you get the sense that his aw-shucks, southern refrain is real.
America's Leading Sportscasters Predict AFC And NFC Championship WinnersIn anticipation of the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend, we've pulled together America's leading sportscasters to make their predictions and picks for Patriots-Broncos and 49ers-Seahawks.
Sports Verdict: Which QB Will Win AFC Championship? Peyton Manning Vs. Tom BradyThe good news: either Manning or Brady will get to go to another Super Bowl. The bad news: one of them will not, and be denied adding more to his legacy yet again.
Former NFL Official Mike Pereira Talks About Controversial Calls In The NFL Playoffs
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