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AFC West

Hue Jackson

Coach Hue Jackson Talks About The Raiders Signing T.J. Housmandzadeh

Head coach of the Raiders Hue Jackson joined Grant Napear for his weekly show to talk all things Raiders. In regards to T.J. Housmandzadeh Jackson said, “I see a guy who played for me before, […]

KHTK Sports 1140–11/02/2011

Hue Jackson

Audio: Hue Jackson Says The Raiders Will Win The AFC West

Raiders head coach Hue Jackson joins Jason Ross to recap Sunday’s game against the Patriots and his comments today declaring that the Raiders will win the AFC West, despite losing at home to New England […]

KHTK Sports 1140–10/05/2011

Darren McFadden

Audio: Darren McFadden Talks About Playing For Coach Hue Jackson

AFC Player of the Week Darren McFadden catches up with the show, praising his offensive line for keeping the holes open wide. The league’s leading rusher enjoys coach Hue Jackson’s fire and says Jason Campbell […]

KHTK Sports 1140–09/28/2011

Mike Silver

Audio: Mike Silver Says The Raiders Will Be The Best In The AFC West

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports explains why he picked the Raiders to play in the AFC Championship game.¬† Mike stands by his opinion that the Raiders will be the best team in the AFC West, […]

KHTK Sports 1140–08/04/2011

Thomas Howard

Audio: Thomas Howard Talks With Grant Napear About Tom Cable Being Fired

Thomas Howard from the Oakland Raiders comes on with Grant to discuss his thoughts on Tom Cable being let go, how frustrating it was to miss the playoffs this year, but he is looking forward […]

KHTK Sports 1140–01/06/2011

Jim Trotter Talks NFL Football with Grant &¬†Mike

Jim Trotter from Sports Illustrated and talks with Grant and Mike on Sportsline to further discuss the increase of violent collisions in the NFL and the league issuing harsher penalties for malicious hits. Jim […]