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King Fire Smoke Drifting To Valley Prompts Alert

With smoke from the King Fire drifting down into the Valley, health officials have issued a warning to residents.



Some Labor Day Vacationers Undeterred By Smoke From Wildfires

The wildfires burning in California are sending lots of smoke into the local air, causing breathing problems for some residents.


Air Quality

Rim Fire Causing Asthma Flareups Hundreds Of Miles Away From Blaze

We can’t see the particles floating in the air, but professor Jerold Last says they travel far distances, especially in California because the winds bring them to the valley where they settle.


Credit: Paul Glischinski

Yosemite Smoke Fuels Red Air Quality Alert In Reno

Health officials in smoky Reno have raised the seriousness of an air quality alert to include the general population as a thick haze worsens from a massive wildfire burning more than 150 miles away at Yosemite National Park.