TV Personality Wrestles With Alligator On AirA TV personality in Boston suddenly went from mild-mannered alligator holder to alligator wrestler.
LAPD Finds Alligator In Backyard, Along With Two Dead CatsOfficers canvassed neighborhood to find out if any pets had gone missing in the past 40 years.
Alligator Found After Nevada County Domestic Violence ComplaintIts owner Joshua Kerley is now on in jail on a number of charges, including failing to have a permit for the gator.
Backyard Beagle Sniffs Out Stray GatorBeagles are bred to find small game like rabbits, but apparently they can sniff out bigger game too.
Fairfield Couple Found With Baby Alligator, Guns, 900 Marijuana Plants In HomeA routine traffic stop that turned into a search and seizure involving more than 900 marijuana plants, seven firearms, $29,000 in cash and a three-foot-long baby alligator was anything but routine.