Bald Head (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Study: Plucking Hair Can Help Treat Baldness

New research from the University of Southern California has shown that plucking 200 hairs from the back of a mouse in a specific pattern led to the growth of up to 1,300 hairs in their place.


Kindergartner Jackson was feeling nervous about his new look, so that’s when his best friend Jordan stepped in.

Jackson has something called has alopecia, a medical condition that causes hair loss.

His hair fell out. It was only two weeks ago that he had a full head of hair.

“Sunday night it was really bad. There were lots of tears and I was nervous. He didn’t know what the kids in class would think or say,” said Arine LeStrange, Jackson’s mother.

His buddy, Jordan, had an idea. He would make sure that Jackson wouldn’t be the only bald kid in class, so he shaved his head as well.

Kindergartner Shaves Head To Show Support For Bald Best Friend

The power of one awesome friendship playing out in a local kindergarten class is now spreading to the whole school.