Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon Under Criminal Investigation Loses LicenseA cosmetic surgeon at the center of a criminal investigation is stripped of his ability to practice medicine again.
Agents Arrest Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon; Raid Home And BusinessA plastic surgeon has been taken into custody and his Rocklin home and business have been raided.
Call Kurtis Investigates: For Second Time, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Efrain Gonzalez Faces Losing LicenseThe Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office have filed a 94-page complaint against Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Efrain Gonzalez, stemming for his treatment of 15 patients at Advanced Med Spa.
Call Kurtis: Groupon Issues MedSpa Customers Refunds After Call Kurtis InvestigationGroupon has pulled the plug on deals offered by a Rocklin cosmetic surgeon exposed in a Nov. 1 Call Kurtis investigation.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Cosmetic Surgeon Accused of Leaving Patients DeformedPatients say they were left deformed, even paralyzed at the hands of a Rocklin gynecologist turned cosmetic surgeon, a CBS13 Call Kurtis investigation has revealed.