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Stockton Developer Eyeing Vacant City-Owned Properties For Redevelopment

Zac Cort wants to buy the three properties and five nearby parking lots. He owns other buildings downtown, and is currently working on a new pizza parlor on Weber and a future daycare on Sutter Street.


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Limo Carrying Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Trashed By Occupants During Altercation

Photos show the inside of a ripped-apart limo and tell the story of a December night gone wrong—broken glass, kicked-in televisions, and blood stains. The limo driver didn’t expect any trouble. He says he was excited to drive a group with the mayor of Stockton.



Stockton Mayor Counters Website’s Criticism With Weekly Video Address

The mayor has landed in the negative spotlight several times since he was elected.



Stockton Mayor’s Typo-Filled Flyer Facing Political Scrutiny

A Stockton political flyer is pitting the city’s police chief against the mayor.


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Stockton Boys And Girls Club Chairman Steps Down After Questionable Photos Surface

Three photos show him making a face while placing his hand on three different men’s crotches. In another photo, he’s smiling and flashing the Westside gang sign with his hand.


Stockton City Council

Divided Stockton City Council Looking For More Civility At Meetings

A divided Stockton City Council is taking new steps to keep members in line and prevent testy exchanges like the one between the mayor and a council member.


Anthony Silva

Stockton Mayor Says Allegations Aren’t Why He’s Stepping Down From Group

He insists his plan the whole time was to eventually take on the role of mayor full-time and that it has nothing to do with recent reports saying Silva failed to secure proper city permits, potentially costing the group more than $800 in fines and fees.


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Stockton Mayor Stepping Down As Boys & Girls Club CEO

In April and June, the cops responded to two false alarms, and because the permit hadn’t been renewed, the city charged the Boys & Girls Club $267 each time.


Anthony Silva

Stockton Mayor: ‘I Won’t Be A Robot And Fall In Line’

Anthony Silva says despite claims, he never secretly recorded a conversation he had with City Manager Bob Deis.


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D.A. Investigating Stockton Mayor’s Admission To Recording City Manager

The district attorney is investigating allegations that Stockton’s mayor secretly recorded a conversation with the city manager, after the mayor admitted to to the alleged crime during Tuesday’s city council meeting.



Stockton Sales-Tax Vote Passes Despite City Leaders’ Bickering

The big focus Tuesday was whether the council would approve a three-quarter-cent sales-tax increase on the ballot. But it seemed that just trying to get through the meeting was a challenge.


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Stockton Mayor Closes Roads Without Permit For Block Party

The permit was turned in on Wednesday and it was denied because there weren’t enough resources on short notice, and not enough time to notify the neighborhood.