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Kings To Start Downtown Plaza Demolition

After years of talk and years of waiting, the new Downtown arena seems more real than ever. The Sacramento Kings on Thursday announced that demolition of the Downtown Plaza will get underway on August 1 […]

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Sacramento City Clerk Rejects Petitions Submitted By STOP Campaign

The Sacramento city clerk has rejected petitions from the group opposed to the downtown arena, Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP), to put the city’s plans to fund the arena up for public vote.


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Sacramento Attorney Ready To Question City Over Kings Arena Subsidy

A judge is allowing a group challenging the city’s subsidy of a new Sacramento Kings arena to interview City Councilmembers and staff. Attorney Patrick Soluri is hoping those interviews reveal what he claims is a secret deal between the city and the NBA team.


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Pro-Arena Group Apologizes For Holding Press Conference At Cemetery

The group clarified on Twitter that the location of the conference was meant to highlight signatures of dead people found on petitions.


Downtown Sports Arena Opponents Confident Despite Delayed Ruling

There is more political fighting over a proposed downtown sports arena. The judge did not make a decision, but instead delayed any ruling until three weeks from now.


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Sacramento Kings Owner’s Technology Leap Motion Could Add Future To New Arena

A new innovation from one of the Sacramento Kings owners could help turn the new arena into one of the greatest in the world. He is Andy Miller, and he is a member of the group that saved the Kings from heading to Seattle.


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Sacramento Kings Arena Debate Centers Around Public Funding, Chris Hansen’s Involvement

The battle has been raging on in the media for months. Now those for and against the arena are going head-to-head in person.


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CBS13 Exclusive: Mayor Kevin Johnson Reacts To Chris Hansen Arena Bombshell

“I didn’t have any idea. I think early on the Maloofs came out and said they weren’t behind it, so that was kind of relieving. I was relieved to hear that they weren’t. And when we all found out it was Chris Hansen, you know, I was surprised.”


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Hundreds Apply To Reverse Their Support For Arena Ballot Campaign

News of Seattle investor Chris Hansen’s involvement in STOP, a Sacramento grassroots campaign against the arena public subsidy, may be backfiring.


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Turner Construction Selected To Build New Downtown Sacramento Kings Arena

Turner Construction’s resume includes a long list of high-profile sports projects including the current 49ers’ stadium, the New York Knicks’ and Rangers’ Madison Square Garden, and the Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park.


Fingers Crossed for Downtown Sacramento Kings Arena

Downtown Sacramento Crossing Fingers For Kings Arena

News of the Sacramento Kings likely staying in town has more than just fans excited. Residents and business owners are excited about a possible downtown arena.


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Kings Fan Travels To NYC for NBA Meetings

By Dave “Deuce” Mason NEW YORK- On the eve of the NBA meeting that could decide the fate of the Kings future in Sacramento, Kings fans gathered at a New York City bar, “Public House,” […]

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