Army Corps of Engineers

natomas building boom or bust

Army Corps Of Engineers Warns Natomas Levee Work May Not Start Until 2017

While Natomas is planning on a possible building boom once a moratorium is lifted this summer, a new concern from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could have lots that have sat empty and undeveloped since 2008 stay that way for at least another decade.



Sacramento Federal Employees Back On The Job As Federal Shutdown Ends

They will get back pay for now, but the 450 workers at the Bureau of Land Management, like Kylee Moore, were furloughed for the entire 16 days.



Environmentalists Sue Feds Over Removing Trees From San Joaquin Valley Levees

Three California environmental groups are suing the Army Corps of Engineers over a federal policy that could require removal of millions of trees from San Joaquin Valley levees.


Gravestones at an El Dorado County cemetery were mistakenly engraved with the N-word. (credit: CBS)

Plan To Remove Racial Slur From Headstones Gets Approval

A racial slur etched on 36 tombstones will finally be removed after more than 50 years.


Negro Hill Grave Markers

Inmates May Replace Gravestones Containing Racial Slur

A group of inmates may finally solve a lingering racist eyesore that community members have been lobbying to fix for nearly a decade.


One of 36 grave markers that had been moved from the gold rush era Negro Hill Cemetery to the Mormon Island relocation cemetery near Folsom. The burial plots from Negro Hill went unmarked for more than half a century, until a contractor hired by the Army Corps of Engineers moved the bodies to make way for a lake, and marked the graves with stones that used a derogatory term for African-American. (CBS / AP)

Group Offers To Remove N-Word From NorCal Gravestones

Time has weathered the 36 concrete gravestones in a dusty, half-century-old cemetery tucked away in a corner of California’s former gold fields. Time has not erased, however, the bigotry of a bygone era carved into the markers.